Sunday, August 20, 2017

31 Things About Me

Hey y'all! My 31st is here! 30 has been SO good to me, so 31 has big shoes to fill! I thought since last year I shared 30 things I've learned so far, I would simply share 31 things about me that you may not know! 31 is such a dud age- nothing too exciting about turning 31 but I'll be in Chicago so we will make it fun!

Here goes!

1. I am a certified open water scuba diver. I got certified in the British Virgin Islands and I've only scuba dived there and in Jamaica. I realize how spoiled I was to learn in the BVI with crystal clear waters. It's an amazing experience and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to become certified

2. I was adopted twice... once when I was 8 months old from Seoul, South Korea and then again when I was in 2nd grade. My mom got remarried and my step dad adopted me.

3. I love all things color coded, even my closet.

4. I love all cheese, all bread, and there is no such thing as too much sauce on anything. To dip the bread in, of course!

5. My happy place is near the water. I believe someday, I will live close to some body of water.

6. I was in dance from about 5th grade until I was a senior in high school. One of my biggest regrets is that I did not continue my love for dancing in college or as an adult.

7. I wish I was better at cooking but I'm just not. I am not a detail oriented person, making things like tablespoons and teaspoons important to differentiate

8. Going from above- I am a more big picture person than a detail oriented person. I miss important details (I sent out birthday invites with ONE digit wrong in my phone number!) I also will briefly read over instructions, making for some hilarious (and some not so much)  mistakes on my end...

9. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I THINK I have it narrowed down- my dream job would be therapist- author/journalist- early childhood teacher-something in the fashion industry -interior designer

10. I could eat pasta all day, everyday

11. I am still the kid in the family that is known for losing their passport while traveling out of the country ( I still have traumatic memories over that experience)

12. For as long as I can remember, my nose has always been stuck in a book. I am the one who stays up waaay too late because I can't put a book down!

13. I hate being late to anything. If I even think I MIGHT be late, all the anxiety kicks in

14. I am a sucker for all babies. I am instantly reduced to mushiness and I want to hug and squeeze all the babies. May scare new moms =) haha

15. I constantly waver between being content with two kids and wanting to have more

16. Foster care or adoption is on our serious list of things we are contemplating. I continue to pray on it every day.

17. I have lists for my lists

18. I read through a blog post a million times before hitting the "publish" button

19. I will take salty over sweet Give me all the chips and salsa!

20. I love planners and write in them but then they end up staying in my purse or on the counter and I hardly ever refer to them. I mostly use my phone calendar.

21. Speaking of planners- I love all stationery and notebooks

22. I also love office supplies... pens (Sharpie Pens are the best!), Post it notes, I just love it all!

23. I love my weather app on my phone- I look at it several times a day. I also have weather for cities I love like Chicago, KC, and Venice, Italy. If we are planning to go anywhere, I will also add that location into my weather app so I can keep checking the weather leading up to the days we leave and while we are there!

24. I know drinking water is good. It's healthy. But I continually S T R U G G L E with drinking enough water. Especially on the weekends- I will go almost ALLLL day without any water- how terrible!

25. I hate stopping to get gas or going to the bathroom. Stopping for either one seems to be a big inconvenience to me for some reason.

26. I love all types of music but I will always be a lover of hip hop

27. I think about weird things all the time- like my love for Chinese food. Is it because I am Asian? I always wonder about that... is it nurture or nature? OR would I have liked it regardless? See.. weird.

28. Speaking of weird- I talk to myself. A lot. When I was growing up, I'd talk to myself while doing the dishes- I remember my mom asking me who I was talking to several times... haha

29. I love coffee mugs and water bottles (see No. 24- #ironic), and have way more than I need

30. I am an 8 hours or more of sleep kinda gal. I can go shorter but I definitely feel it the next day.. a grumpy Shay, is no fun for anyone!

31. I abhor going to the grocery store. I think it stems from when I was growing up and going to the grocery store with my mom entailed her stopping every 2 feet to talk to someone she knew. Haha either way, I make my wonderful husband go!

So, there ya have it! 31 things you may not have known about me or cared to either haha! Year 31- I hope you bring lots of laughter and fun! =)

I am spending my birthday in Chicago going to the Bruno Mars concert with my mom and sister and then heading home on my actual birthday to spend the rest of the weekend with Will and the girls. I am looking forward to it!

Happy Weekend!