Friday, October 23, 2020

2nd Birthday Gift Ideas

I can’t hardly believe it but Sullivan's 2nd birthday is coming up soon! I've already started rounding up some ideas and thought I'd share here too. Because his birthday is so close to Christmas, I've had to really plan ahead and figure out what we're going to get him because I want his birthday to be special but also not go overboard with Christmas so close. 

Some of these things I plan on getting but he’s not getting all of these things- I added some additional ideas for you guys. I think these gifts can be used for either a birthday or Christmas- depending on how you do gifts in your home. 

So, let’s go!!

Cuddle and Kind For his birthday last year, I got him a Cuddle and Kind doll. They are definitely more pricey but the quality is outstanding. I plan to save these to give him when he gets older and can possibly pass them down to his kids. Right now, the one I want to get him is sold out but I have notifications set for it. 

This is the one I want to try to get him for his birthday this year. I get the bigger size for his birthdays and then I've done the smaller size for other occasions, like Easter. If it’s still not in stock by the time I need to purchase, I’ll just choose a different one. They’re all so good, you can’t go wrong!


I promise this is NOT sponsored haha I just love this line so much. Hearth and Hand with Magnolia for Target's toys for kids are the best! We've added a few every year and the quality is great. This year, I have my eye on the dollhouse for Sullivan. I'm not sure if we'll get it for him for his birthday or save it for Christmas. I'm thinking we'll save it for his big Christmas gift. 

This other style is so cute too, I'm not sure which one we'll go with. 

Sullivan loves all things that "GO!" and this school bus is so cute. I'm pretty sure these animals fit in there and we got them for his stocking last year and he still plays with them. 

We still have the girls' play kitchen but this one is adorable!! This isn't on our list for this year but I thought I'd share because every toddler loves a play kitchen!! 

When Sophia was around 2, we got her a train table. She LOVED it but darn that thing took up a ton of space. And then when she gradually stopped playing with it, it collected dust. Sullivan loves trains but I don't want to invest in a train table again. These sets are so cute and can save space.

Wild Pines Train Set 

and a smaller one: Treetops Train Set 

This isn't on our list but I love these for play and reading. We just don't have the space right now for it. 

Play tent 

Wood balance board- this is on my list and I think would be a great addition to our large motor inside toys. 

We have this bike and LOVE it. I got it on sale but I do think even at full price it's worth it. They come in different sizes, the seat can adjust, and it can go from three wheels to two wheels. I get the most questions about this bike on Instagram. I think some of the bikes aren't available right now, but say coming soon- so keep an eye out for it if it's something you want! 

Have I mentioned Sullivan loves all things that go? I love this car race track and garage. They aren't released yet but they'll be coming in November. I signed up for text alerts when they release. The airport is cute too. It depends on availability which one I'll try to go for. 

I got this farm set from Amazon this summer because #pandemic but we also ordered a few more recently. These would make great gifts. They're sturdy and portable! 

Do a Dot Markers 

We've used these markers forever and love them so much. They are large and easy to grip for toddler hands and can be used in lots of different ways. 

We've been loving these play dough kits from the YayDough Shop on Etsy. We have the dinosaur and Halloween one. All the kids enjoy playing with it and it would make a fun birthday gift! 

I recently got this for Sullivan during Amazon Prime Days. It's still a really good price and decent quality for what you pay for. It does have some small pieces that I might not give him right away. 

Hunter Boots

All of my kids love their Hunter boots. I usually can get two seasons out of them. I recently scored an almost brand new black pair on Poshmark. I love giving these boots for Christmas!

Rainbow sorting board- I love this board for matching and its versatility. 

Rainbow friends- these could go along with the board or with block play. 

Rainbow felt balls- again these would be great in a sensory bin or for use in the sorting board

Wood scoops- great for the sensory bin and you could put the felt balls in it too! 

Chunkie's Paint Sticks- a great addition to art time! 

I think that's it! If I run into any other ideas, I'll be sure to update this post! Hope you got some inspiration- happy shopping! : )