Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sophia pointing, her new trick, pretty sIlLy! :)

The title to this post is quite the understatement. We've had a whirlwind of a weekend! Friday- we woke up, got ready, took Fi to school, met with my clients, picked her up, went out to eat, went to Target, came home, watched TV/relaxed, went to sleep. Saturday- woke up, got ready, drove to Jefferson for a wedding shower, drove home, picked William up, went for lunch, went to mall, no Easter bunny there (why is there not an Easter Bunny at JC Mall?!?!) went baby gate shopping, met my Dad, Carrie, and Alex for early dinner, came home,put up baby gates and other baby proofing stuff, got Fi ready for bed, watched Little Fockers (funny), went to bed. Today- woke up, cleaned house, and I mean CLEANED, baseboards, everything- we're talking hands and knees, scrubbing the floors. Got ready, went to different mall for Easter Bunny, ate lunch, Menards, went to Target-again, dropped clothes off at Goodwill, Trader Joes, HyVee, work, work, work, work, and now we're doing homework and resting!

All the work we've done today included: cleaning/reorganizing the storage area, cleaning/organizing the garage, those who have seen our garage prior will know how big this was for us- our garage was a complete MESS! Reorganized the basement- we moved our old bed down there, we got a new one- the old mattress hurt my back, think it was too soft, so we upgraded to a king and are loving it!

We didn't finish all our projects until about an hour ago- just taking time off to get Fi to bed! She must of had a rough day too as we didn't even hear a peep out of her room! Unfortunately, we both still have some homework to do too!

I also found out that I am going to the BVI this summer with my sister! We will be down there with my Grandparents, July 9-17- and part of the time we will be staying on a sailboat! I am very excited and think it will be a nice little break after summer classes and a nice break before internship. My only reservation- Sophia. I know she will be JUST fine with William just know that I will miss her like crazy!