Thursday, August 18, 2016

30 Things I've Learned in 30 Years...

It's that time of the year again when I start to reflect on life and where I'm at. Do I like the direction life is going? What have I learned? Where am I going? Birthdays never seemed like a huge deal in the past.. just another day and another excuse for cake (like I needed an excuse) but this year feels a little different. I am turning THIRTY guys. THIRTY. Ohmygoodness. I can't even believe it. I can't believe I am THIRTY which is only five years away from 35 which is a mere hop, skip and jump to 40! Catastrophizing at its best. Thanks  to my fellow co worker, Jessica for defining that for me. #therapistproblems 

Anyway, now that I am one year wiser, I'd like to share the thirty things I've learned so far about this imperfect, perfectly messy and beautiful life of mine. Here goes nothin'. 

1) Eat the cake. Seriously. Life is too short to NOT eat the freakin' cake. Or ice cream. Or both- what the heck! Indulge yourself. It's ok. 

2.) Fear is good. It means beautiful things are about to happen. Embrace the fear. Go with the fear. If you aren't scared out of your ever loving mind- something's wrong. Just go with it and watch beautiful things happen. 

3.) Be intentional. I think that should have been my word for 2016. Being intentional in positive thinking. Intentional on choosing happy. Intentional on being kind. Intentional in my responses to family, friends and my kids. 

4.) You need friends. Those 24/7's. Your people. They're almost as important as the air you breathe. It's all about quality vs. quantity, here too.

5.) Chips and salsa is a meal

6.) Being comfortable in your own skin and owning everything about yourself is a process. But as each year passes, it gets easier and easier

7.) Find your thing. You know, the thing that lights a fire within you. The thing that you can't go a day without doing. For me- it's writing and reading.

8.) Some people are assholes. Simple as that. No complex diagnosis. No complex explanation. Just an asshole. And you know what? That's ok.

9.) Getting financials under control is definitely not the most glamorous. But it's important, even if you think you have all the time in the world. Just get it over with and get those finances on track!

10.) You can only control your reaction to certain people and situations. Once you realize this, your life will become a whole lot simpler.

11.) Travel is good for the soul. It rejuvenates you and opens your eyes to the ways we as humans are much more alike than different.

12.) Reacting vs. responding. Two VERY different things. Learning how to differentiate between the two and then acting accordingly can be so.hard. But I'd go as far to say it can be life changing once you know the difference and see it play out in your life.

13.) We all have stuff. Everybody has a story. Taking the time to know their story and getting below the surface, you will only find you connect and empathize with them on a deeper, newer level

14.) Pinterest.(and yes, that is it.)

15.) Even though you are close to 30, it's ok to still jam out to MMMBop and Spice Girls

16.) It's a total cliche. But family is family. They are the constant in life. No matter what, Crazy Aunt Susie will always be Crazy Aunt Susie and you wouldn't have it any other way.

17.) Listen to your gut. Always, always. It will always tell you what direction to go.

18.) Always keep learning. About the world. About yourself.

19.) Less is more (in every sense)

20.) From Brene Brown: "I'll never know if people are doing the best they can or not. But when I assume people are, it makes my life better."

21) Goals. Make them.

22.) You can't please everyone and that's ok

23.) Being vulnerable doesn't make you weak. It facilitates change, compassion and connection

24.) Comparison is the worst.

25.) Invest in staple items in your closet. It is worth the money.

26.) You might like those amazing heels but your feet don't. So quit trying.

27.) Say yes

28.) It's ok to use your kids as an excuse to get out of something

29.) Wait to worry. "The average worrier is 92% ineffecient- only 8% of what we worry about ever comes true." Fred Smith

30.) Love and live with your whole being.

There you have it! The 30 life lessons I've learned in life so far. What would you add?

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to ME! =)