Monday, November 21, 2016

Three Things

Hey y'all! It's almost Thanksgiving! Here's to a short week and lots of family time! Can't beat that! I am SO looking forward to a long weekend with my people! 

I got the following blog post idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea over at Momfessionals. I just love this idea because it gives a quick update about what's happening with everybody in the family. 

  • This girl is LOVING toast with strawberry jelly on it lately. Every morning she asks for "jelly please!" 
  • She is into all things crafty. She loves drawing, coloring, and especially painting. She also loves playing Play Doh and making "cookies"
  • Almost every night when we pick her up from school, she is either coloring or playing with Magna Tiles. Little does she know she is getting a 100 piece set just for herself this Christmas! =)

  • You can find Sophia either coloring/crafting or playing with her dolls. We received 4, hand me down American Girl dolls from my mom's neighbor and she loves them. 
  • Pizza pizza! This girl is my pizza eater! She would probably eat pizza every night if we let her!
  • She is such a mama hen. She loves taking care of her babies, Odin- our dog, and her little sister. 
  • We are settling into our new home. It feels less new and we're really thankful we chose here to call "home"
  • Will is in the home stretch of his master's program and is set to graduate in May 2016            
  • I have completed EMDR training (click on the link to see what EMDR is)  and am now working on my consultation hours. This has been a professional goal of mine for quite some time so I'm excited that I was able to finally complete it. Feeling a little unsure still of integrating it into my practice but I know with time, I will get more comfortable just as I have with the whole therapy process! 

So, there's a quick glimpse of what's going on with everybody! Hope everyone has a great week! 

Gobble Gobble!