Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekend Recap: Bruno Mars Edition

Happpy Mondaaaay peeps!! The last part of the week and weekend F L E W by! As many of you may know, I went to Chicago on Wednesday and stayed through Saturday. My sister and I got my mom tickets to the Bruno Mars concert for Christmas! The concert was AMAZING and it was so fun to watch my mom dance and sing a long to her favorite person! (She named her dog after Bruno Mars!) 

The concert got done pretty late so by the time we got back to my sister's place, it was time for bed. We woke up on Thursday and bummed around, got ready, and then walked through her neighborhood, and picked up breakfast and coffee. We walked through all of the shops and explored her neighborhood in Lincoln Park. We then headed back to her place and hung around for a little bit before heading back out for dinner. We ate at a cute restaurant, Bar Cocina, had sangria, guacamole, and tacos- my favorite kind of menu =) 

We headed back to her place and watched a movie. 

I also loved getting pictures like these while I was away:

The next day, we took the train downtown and walked to Millenium Park to do all the touristy stuff. We saw the bean, the fountain, and then went to Navy Pier to explore. We walked the pier, taking in the views and people. 

The Air and Water show was also going to be there during the weekend, so the fighter jets were out practicing. It was so neat to watch them in the sky- they were SO loud! After Navy Pier, we walked to the Magnificent Mile and went into some stores we don't have in Iowa like Zara, H & M, and Madewell. We made it back to my sister's place and decided on sushi for dinner. We freshened up and headed out for dinner, stopping at the beach first. After dinner, we headed back in for a quiet night. 

Saturday was my birthday (check out 31 things about me here!) and we packed up a little and then headed out for brunch. We ate and got full and then my mom and I headed back to Iowa. We got back to DSM around 4PM and I was pooped. We had dirt cake that the girls helped make  (the girl's choice) and Will ran to the store for dinner. We made fresh bruschetta with our garden tomatoes (YUMMY!!) and had a quiet night in.

OH! I can't believe I forgot- Sophia has been learning to ride her bike without training wheels!! She's doing GREAT! 

Sunday was a mix of running errands and being lazy. 

I worked on unpacking, doing laundry, and a little cleaning. I have Monday and Tuesday off from work and we have doctors and dentists appointments and back to school night before school officially starts on Wednesday. 

Pretty flower that is growing in our backyard! 

All in all, it was a HIGHLY successful weekend and Bruno Mars was the highlight of it all! Here's to another short week! =)