Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What we're eating this week
Enchilada Pasta- this is a favorite in our house!

Jethro's- to celebrate Will's birthday on Thursday

Friday- of course, Friday night pizza night! 

                                    What I'm reading


I'm trying really hard to read more and I've started reading this. I'm looking for other books to add to my list! 

                            What I'm looking forward to
We are going to a 2nd birthday party this weekend which will be great fun. But best of all, I get to see my old coworker turned great friend!! If there is anything I miss about my previous place of employment it is this lady.  We also head to St. Louis very soon and so we're especially looking forward to that trip!
We can't wait to see Aunt Sara and visit the fun city of St. Louis!
                                  What we've been up to
Oh my! So much! Wrapping up summer activities, trying to get our last trips to the pool in before it closes, going to the fair, celebrating birthdays, starting KINDERGARTEN and potty training a 2 year old and12 week pup.

                                   What I'm watching 

   Of course, I'm loving my reality TV!

                                   What I'm excited about
A little while back, I shared that my grandparents are taking our family to ITALY! It's official now as I received our flight itinerary today! This is a trip of a lifetime and we are so appreciative for the opportunity. We are starting a countdown now!!

My Grandpa and Grandma Batesole
Can't wait to see Italy with you guys! 
                                   What I'm listening to
                                                            90's Pop Radio on Pandora
        Nothing like a little N'Sync and Hanson to brighten up your work day! :)

                                     What I'm Wearing
I shared my list of items that I am loving for Fall and one of them is this tunic- I have been wearing it all the time. And I am really tempted to buy it in another color. 

I also am excited for Fall weather to be able to bring this coat out again..

So, tell me- What's up with you?! 

P.S. Please don't mind the format, I've tried everything, all but deleting and starting completely over. It is what it is today! :) Thanks for stopping by! And tell me this in the comments- what is your favorite thing about Fall?