Tuesday, August 18, 2015

29 Things..

Alright, friends. In case you didn't know- it's my birthday today. I am not one to announce that it's my birthday and prefer to be out of the spotlight BUT I came across a few blogs lately that have compiled a list of things they want to accomplish for the year. I really liked this idea and decided to try it out for myself.

Most birthdays seem like any other day but I do have to admit that it's nice for one day to be spoiled a little. We are celebrating tonight at one of my favorite places- Ohana Steakhouse and I can't wait!

1. Write more- it's what makes me happy and truthfully, I don't make enough time for it

2. Read at least one book a month- for reasons same as above

Once a bookworm, always a bookworm
3. Make time for date nights- at least once a month!!

4. Entertain more- invite other couples/families for dinner

5. Cook one new recipe a month

6. Go camping

7. Plan and go on a girls trip

8. Let the house get dirty and stop pressuring myself to keep everything perfect

9. Save more money and stop spending impulsively

10. Bake with the girls

11. Take better care of my skin- I am admitting to a a big no no here- I only remove eye make up at night but don't wash my face. YIKES! I attended a Mary Kay party once and I can't remember specific numbers, but they said every time you don't wash your face at night, it ages you by so many years. I guess when I am 40, I'll look like I'm 80..

12. Try a Powerlife yoga class

13. Submit my writing to get published

14. Try to keep off social media from the hours of 4-8PM

15. Organize my photos and print them, rotate old photos in frames with new

16. Learn how to take better photos with my camera

17. Travel to at least one place on my bucket list

18. Volunteer

19. Continue to find ways to make my blog better and draw more traffic

20. Go to the dentist- alright friends, I fear the dentist. Like haven't gone in years. It takes a lot for me to admit that. I seriously have a minor panic attack at just the thought. The drilling noises. The taste of latex gloves. The water sprayer things that sucks the inside of your mouth. SHUDDER SHUDDER SHUDDER. All of it. But, I realize I need to go and really find out if all my teeth are about to fall out of my head. But I might need help calling and making an appointment. And then driving to the appointment. And then going in. Seriously.

21. Go horseback riding

22. Pray more and continue to incorporate my faith in all that I do

23. Run a 5K in 30 minutes or less

24. Explore a new state

25. Go for a massage

26. Create a photo book of girls on their birthdays (start NOW)

27. Go on bike rides

28. Send birthday cards- I am terrible at this. To all you who have birthdays- I probably bought you a card with EVERY intention to send it to see it still sitting on the counter AFTER your birthday. So this year- I will do better, I promise!

29. Be present- I mean this in the most general of terms. Whether it's at work or at home- I want to be present, in the moment and be as distraction-free as possible and give my all to whatever I'm doing and whoever I am with.

And some throwback pictures for your viewing pleasure

I *think* this is my first birthday?
My 5th or 6th birthday? Apparently I'm pretty fashion forward with my crop top! (ahem- mom???)

Sweet 16

So, there you have it! 29 things I hope to accomplish by exactly 365 days from now! I better get going- I have a lot of work to do!!