Monday, August 24, 2015


This past weekend we really tried our best to soak it in as this was technically our last Summer weekend of the season.

On Friday, of course, we had our weekly Friday night pizza night. We watched a movie before the girls headed to bed. Of course, WM and I stayed up waaay too late watching Sons of Anarchy. To say that I've been temporarily traumatized watching some of the episodes would be an understatement. But I find it all so fascinating and can't wait to get the girls in bed so I can watch an episode. Or two, or three.. or four..

On Saturday, we had a slow and easy morning- girls ate breakfast, played with Odin while I started on some laundry and cleaned up a little. We decided to go to the mall, shop a little, (I got some great deals at BabyGap, including this awesome coat for Sophia- it will transition right into fall into Winter- major sale, I did NOT pay $80!) . I also was on the hunt for casual shoes for the girls- not tennis shoes (as we got them a pair during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale) and decided on these:

For Sophia

For Saidey

How cute are they?! We picked up lunch at the mall before heading home for naps. After naps, the girls worked on an art project and Sophia started decorating a white bag to take to school filled with items that are "about her."

Who is chasing who? 
He seriously drug the basket around until he got what he wanted 
This girl is all about dressing herself.. 
AHHH the hippo is eating me!
Hard at work! 
Saturday night NACHOS! 
Saturday evening was low key and spent on the couch, watching movies. :)

Sunday was spent pretty lazy, ran a few errands and finished up on laundry. Girls played, colored and ran around with Odin. Sophia loves taking him out and has gotten really good at taking him out to go potty. Hey- I'll take her enthusiasm while it lasts! :)

Life is pretty darn good
And a good reminder as we are leaving in the morning 

Monday came and we enjoyed a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and yogurt. My mom met us and we were off!

I wrote this letter to Sophia for her first day of Kindergarten. What a bittersweet day. A milestone to mark in the books. Drop off went without a hitch and although she was a little nervous and pulled the "one more hug" there were no tears from either of us. But I will say, I am thankful for the 25 minute commute to work. You can probably read between the lines. :) I received an email around noon from her teacher, with a picture of all the students in front of the school sign. I took that as my opportunity to ask how she was doing and got this reply, "doing GREAT!" Will picked her up and took her for a special treat at Orange Leaf. First day of Kindergarten is a SUCCESS!