Friday, March 4, 2022

Weekly Happenings 3/4/22

Hey hey! How has everyone's week been and more importantly, how are we holding up?! Honestly, it's been up and down around here. It seems like the news is full of really scary stuff, some of it happening right here in IA. For anyone who has followed me for a while knows my stance on a lot of topics as I've been more open about sharing them. 

Being in a unique position as a therapist, too, I have to be paying attention because what is going on in the news, affects the very people that sit across from me every single week. It gets heavy and I know that a lot of people are feeling it. 

I just hope you all can rest, recover, and then get back to it- whether that's talking to your family about what's going on, having important conversations off social media, or praying, donating, signing petitions, etc. 

Weekly Update

*Conferences are over (Saidey's got pushed back to this week due to it being canceled last week) and everyone is moving onto 4th and 7th grades! :) 

*Sophia cracked a tooth last Thursday eating popcorn and didn't get into the dentist until this Tuesday. Thankfully she isn't in any pain but no is tasked with wiggling that thing out ASAP. Last night she was working on it and I went to see if I. would be able to pull it out and noticed another tooth is growing as the crack widens! So weird!!! If she can't get it out in the next few days, I might have to call the dentist again and see about them pulling it instead. 

* Sophia had her first horse show a few weekends ago.  While it was more informal, it's always a good way to kick off show season as practice. 

We are joining our stable's leasing program- right now, she rides a lesson horse for lessons and shows. Leasing a horse would mean that she would ride one horse only for shows and private lessons. Lesson horses are typically more slow and well, they use them for lessons and teaching kids to ride. They just are a different level? You can tell I'm not an expert on this haha.  

Her first official show is coming up in a few weekends and we're excited!

We all are really excited about her progression and serious love for horse riding, which we never would have guessed in million years. 

*Saidey tried ice skating lessons this winter and it was a 6 week session. She has improved so much! I signed her up for another 6 weeks and then soccer will start right after. It will be interesting to see if she wants to continue or if it will just be a fun winter thing here and there. 

*Sullivan is talking like crazy and growing so fast it seems. He's also entered the 3 year old, I sometimes forget to use my words and freak out and no one knows what's wrong, stage. And then come to realize- it's a really simple thing- like he wanted a different pair of pants or wanted milk instead of water. Fun times, over here. 

* It's officially Saidey's birthday month and we decided to have a friend party for the first time since covid. It feels weird and wonderful all at the same time! She decided she wants to do a birthday party at the ice skating rink and so we're in the planning stages for that!

What I've been loving

*I can't believe I haven't talked about it before now! Will stopped drinking soda at the beginning of the year and kept looking at Sodastreams. His sister had gotten one at Christmas so I think he was intrigued. Anyway, he kept looking at them, would tell me if they went on sale, etc.. but never bought one! So, one day Sophia and I were at Target and bought one. Since then, we've all been slightly addicted. 

*The replacement parts for our roomba, Betty, came! She's like a new woman! It's the little things, people! 

*A few weekends ago, I took Sophia on a little day date, just her and I. I let her pick where we ate  (she chose Panera) and it was one of the first times we've eaten anywhere in a long time, and then we did a little shopping. Will and I plan to take turns taking each of the big girls out on a one on one adventure every month. 

What I've been eyeing

This blazer at Madewell

Easter is coming up and so I've started my Easter list for the kids. We always do Easter baskets of non candy things and it's so fun to fill them. I usually do a spring/summer theme- bubbles, chalk, etc. but then also swim suits, sandals, etc.. and a few other fun things. The girls will need summer sandals- we always love these Birkenstocks  and Target also has a version that I love for Sullivan. 

All my kids have also lived in Natives during the summer months and all of them need bigger sizes this year. I'm not sure if the girls will want a pair or if they'll stick with the ones above. 

What I'm watching/reading/listening to

*I finished Educated and it was a wonderful read. The journey to be where the author is today is amazing and shows how resilient people truly are. I started Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown and so far I'm enjoying it but also, a lot of it is a review. We finished the finale of Euphora and WOW. Have you guys watched it? It's about high school students, their lives, and let's just say I can't wait until next season comes out!  We finished part 1 of Ozark, Season 4 and started Inventing Anna on Netflix. 

*With all the news going on this week, one thing that helps me is knowing how I can handle taking in the news. For me, it's reading it only. I follow NPR and BBC and then on Instagram, I have been following Jessica Yellin, Sharon Says So, and Emilyinyourphone, as well. I only allow myself to check in with updates about the news a few times during the day.