Friday, March 11, 2022

Weekly Update 3.11.22

 Hey friends! What a week, right?! I'm not sure about you- but I'm glad to see Friday! The week went fast which I'm glad for! I'm looking forward to the weekend with my people!

Weekly Update

Things have been mostly quiet over here. I got Saidey's birthday invites out and it feels good to get that task out of the way! All hail EVITES! 

We are home during Spring break and it's going to be pretty low key. We end it by going to a horse show out of town and will be staying in a hotel and so that's the extent of our fun spring break plans ha. the girls are excited because we are staying in the same hotel as some of the other kids from our stable so that should be fun. 

I am trying to plan a few activities on my days off though and the weather is supposed to cooperate so that's good! I have a few votes for the zoo, living history farms, and of course all the outside time we can squeeze in.

I think I also mentioned that we became owners of a new to us saddle. It was completely unexpected and our horse trainer texted me and said someone approached her about selling their saddle and she was offered a really great deal. We are SO new to this that we have ZERO clue on these things but googled it and found out it was really was a good deal and decided to go for it. A big deciding factor is that she should be able to use it for the next five years and then we can resell it and it should keep its value. If you aren't aware, anything involving a horse isn't cheap- and along with the saddle- we had to purchase a carrier, cleaner and conditioner, and a girth. Insert WIDE EYES. 

I am trying to find the balance of raising grateful kids while also not letting them worry about adult things- but I also want this sweet child of mine to know HOW MUCH things cost but I don't want her to worry about it either! It's a hard balance and I want her to understand that her activity is an investment and it's not just a season of soccer or dance. 

What I'm loving

I got hooked on a game called Grand Harvest Solitaire. It's so fun and now I have Will and Saidey playing it too!

I've been slowly gathering easter basket stuff for the kids- i ordered the girls swimsuits and sullivan a fun package from nixon and norman. It's a local, small shop that makes the cutest felt play things and dolls. I got him the pancake book and felt set. 

Converse high tops- I mentioned before that I want to order some converse high tops for me and I can't wait to get them. The girls also mentioned they want a pair so I ordered a black pair for Saidey for her birthday. I was browsing and saw some for toddlers too- LOVE- and so we may all be sporting converses soon. haha

What I'm reading/watching

I finished Atlas of the Heart and I really really hate to say it but it wasn't my favorite book of Brene Brown's. I can't believe I'm saying that. Another person sent me a good descriptor- it read like a dictionary- SO TRUE! and I kept thinking, this can't be all this book is?! I did find some parts interesting- especially about narcissists but I would say I was a little disappointed and glad I borrowed it and didn't buy it. 

I started The Downstairs Girl and so far am finding it interesting. 

We started watching The Gilded Age on HBO, started the current season of This is Us, and finished Inventing Anna on Netflix. 

I wrote a post for Des Moines Mom about gentle parenting and why we chose this approach- it's coming out this next week.

I also did a live with Andrea, co-owner of Des Moines Mom to talk about kids and trauma. It's coming in a very timely manner- there's SO many things going on locally and nationally that is hard for adults to process, let alone kids. I'm so glad to be part of a community that takes on these difficult topics. That should be live in a few weeks, too!