Friday, February 18, 2022

Two weeks in a Row- Look at me!

This must be a record! Two weeks in a row. I know, not so impressive but to me it's a big deal haha! 

How was everyone's week?! 

Weekly Recap

*We kicked it off by Covid testing. Sigh. Sophia got sick last weekend but tested negative for Covid- thank goodness. She was feeling better but stayed home Monday only because it hadn't technically been 24 hours since she had a fever. Sully started getting the sniffles too during the weekend, so think he's fighting off a little cold. We had a good two week run there where everyone was healthy. 

*I sent Sullivan and Saidey to school on Valentine's Day ready to pass out their Valentine's and they both were really excited. Saidey came bursting into our room at 7AM yelling Happy Valentine's Day! haha. Planned a fun heart shaped pasta meal and then chocolate fondue for dessert. 

*Sullivan had his school conference this week. I was excited to chat with his teachers because I don't get to see or talk to his teachers often because parents aren't allowed past the lobby and usually someone else takes him back to his room and brings him out to the lobby at the end of the day. Since he moved up to the three year old room- I haven't personally talked to any of his teachers. Thankfully one of them was Saidey's teacher when she was in the same childcare center. And then we ended up having his conference with his 2 year old teacher since he hadn't been in his new room for long. Which made sense but I was bummed out not to be able to chat with his current teacher. 

I was mostly looking forward to hearing about how he is doing socially and how his language development is going there. We've noticed a continual increase in his language development at home so I was hoping they'd be able to offer some insight into their thoughts on it. However, his 2's teacher said she couldn't get him to talk AT ALL. He would nod his head or point but won't talk. He plays well other kids but doesn't talk to them either. Makes me a little worried and wonder if it's covid times (he was home for so long) or if it's shyness or confidence issues with speech, or a combo of all 3. His 2's teacher was going to let his 3's teacher know that it's something we're working on at home continuously and to please monitor it as we go. Other than that information, he had a great conference and he's growing and developing as he should!

*As Sophia has progressed in horse riding, the amount of stuff she has to take to each lesson has increased too- she has stirrups, helmet, gloves, and boots. She would schlep everything separately and it was all loose in my car. Needless to say, it wasn't working out. We found a horse riding back pack that carries IT ALL and I couldn't be more excited for this package to arrive! She has her first show of the season on Saturday. It's an in house show and she doesn't have to wear her full show clothes so it's more informal and more of a practice show. But it'll be good to get out there again and show after the winter and practice before the actual shows start in March!

*I'm not sure if Saidey is turning into more of a night owl (Sully definitely is) but the last few nights she has had a hard time falling asleep. She'll come downstairs and say she can't fall asleep. We've talked about different ways to try to fall asleep. We will see if this becomes a consistent problem and go from there. 

 Things I've Been Eyeing

I must be a on a shoe kick because I've got my eye on two certain pairs of shoes...

The first- these converse high tops in the parchment color. I go back and forth because I feel like I miiight be too old but then I don't really care, I just really love them! I've tried to search for them on Poshmark but to no avail. I might have to order them new, if I can find them anywhere in stock! 

I love my Veja's and I'm really loving this pair- I was a little iffy about the velcro but I really like how they're mostly white and I actually think the velcro adds a cute detail. 

Sully is on a magna tiles kick. So much so that they've moved upstairs instead of in the basement playroom. I have been eyeing these for him, for Easter possibly! 

Recent Purchases

I hate that I buy on Amazon but I try to even it out and make sure I shop small and locally whenever I can too. Sometimes, though Amazon is the most affordable/convenient. 

When someone I follow on Instagram showed this organizer, I instantly jumped over and saved it to my favorites. On my list of to do's is to reorganize and paint the laundry room and so this came in a timely manner! I'm still using the pink plastic tub that Sophia was sponge bathed in during the hospital as my cleaning basket haha! I think it's time for a new one! 

Our beloved Roomba, Betty has been looking a little scraggly lately. Between three ladies with long hair and pet hair, dust etc.. she works HARD! I bought replacement parts for it and can't wait to get her new brushes! 

What I've been loving lately

If you're on Instagram and follow any influencer- you probably have heard of Necessaire. Well, I was running out of body wash and I love to try new brands so I thought it was the perfect time to try it. I ordered a set in Eucalyptus, it came with the body wash, body lotion, and body exfoliant. I also ordered the hand cream. The body lotion and hand cream are in non scented and I LOVE THEM! They are thick but not greasy and I love the non scented option! The body wash and exfoliant leave my skin feeling soft and I love the light scent. So, if you've wondered if this stuff is good- it really is! 

Speaking of body wash.... I used to use a loofah in the shower but then read how yucky they can get- so I tossed it and bought some plain washcloths and used those for several months. But I really like how loofahs get so sudsy and I just wasn't getting that same effect with a washcloth- so I bought a silicone loofah for Will and myself and we both love it! It's soft and exfoliating at the same time AND you get all the suds too! And it holds onto way less bacteria than a traditional loofah! 

What I'm Watching/Reading/Listening To

I finished reading Maid this week and think it's such an important read. It highlights so much that is wrong with our country's systems and how it affects individuals. I started reading Educated by Tara Westover and so far I'm really enjoying it. 

We started Ozark, season 4 on Netflix this week. We watched the other seasons so interested to see what things the Byrde's are getting into this season. 

Jo Piazza podcast "Under the Influence" I've listened to this podcast before and then recently listened to the latest featuring Katy Prichard who partly influenced me look at how I use social media.  They were recently featured on Good Morning America. This also comes at the heels of chatter about issues surrounding children on youtube or other social media avenues and content creators who use their children on their accounts and get paid for it. There are currently no laws that protect kids in these spaces. Just a very interesting topic and will be curious to see how this pans out in the next several years. 

This article explains more and was shared by Stephanie McNeal who I follow on Instagram.