Thursday, November 7, 2019

Baby's First Birthday Gift Ideas

I can't believe it but it's time to start thinking about Sullivan's first birthday. GAH! I've been brainstorming and looking through toy ideas to not only be slightly prepared but also budget as his birthday falls in December, only slightly before Christmas. So, honestly- this post is more for me haha but then I figured it might help some of you too!

We got rid of 90% of all our baby toys so we truly are starting over from scratch. Unlike the girls though, I want to be more intentional in buying toys and he truly does not NEED much. 

These are all just ideas right now but here's what I'm loving so far....

I think this is SO cute and what kid doesn't love pulling something behind them and collecting their treasures inside? I can imagine Sully pulling this around the house and putting his toys in this cute wagon! 

I think this activity center would keep busy fingers and minds busy with so much to do! I think even my girls would have fun with it, hah!

Because is it really childhood if you don't have a shape sorter? I swear these things are synonymous with toddlerhood. 

I love all things Bannor Toys (also a local company which is double love!) and this tool set is no exception!

I think this is a classic toy and I love the wood finish!

I love these dolls so much. I've been eyeing Sebastian the Lamb. But Benedict and Wyatt are so cute too! Who am I kidding- I love all of them! 

ANY book is a great idea! You can't go wrong with this idea! 

A few of my favorite authors are Sandra Boynton, Karen Katz, and Eric Carl but honestly, there are so many good ones you could choose from!

Hearth and Hand Toy Train Set 
Basically, I'm loving all the wood toys from Hearth and Hand. I also love the tractor setplay animals (they do say not for under 3), and the toy barn (also says not for under 3, I would just take away the small pieces and save for later)