Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Favorites 10.25.19

Ok. Well, this feels odd. I haven't done a Friday Favorites in FOREVER. And you know what, I really miss doing it- so, I thought to myself- what the heck and pulled this post together in minutes. As always, linking up with Momfessionals!

This week has gone both long and fast, if ya know what I mean. It's gone long in the sense that Will has been gone and while I feel like I actually have my stuff together MORE when he is gone, I miss those moments when we can share the small things- the looks we share when one of the kids says or does something funny- or being able to give him the baby while I clean up from supper. We've had a busy week, too so it's gone by really fast at the same time.

Ok. Favorites comin atchu!


This guy and his BIG smile when I come get him from his naps. I absolutely love it!


Alice and Ames winter drop. I always get at least 1-2 dresses from each new season. These dresses are worth their price in gold. They are so versatile, easy, and my girls love them! They should be here today!

This print is so sweet and perfect for the holidays!


Going to all the Halloween events around town. On Tuesday, we went to the Great Pumpkin Party. The kids jumped on inflatables, ate some candy, and played games.


Iowa sunsets. The one thing I miss about driving home from Indianola are the sunsets. I used to get great views of the sunset on my drive home during this time of the year. We were leaving horseback riding lessons last night and the sky was unbelievable!!


Anthropologie's holiday stuff. I know Christmas is still a few months away but you know I had to get a head start. I'm loving these holiday latte bowls. And I also picked up a few ornaments- they're so cute and high quality. I love the idea of collecting a few new ones each season to pass down to the kids someday.

Latte bowls- these bowls are a favorite at our house and these are so festive!

These ornaments are darling!!

I wrote about my birth story on Des Moines Moms Blog. I love me a good birth story so I've been loving reading all the other mom's stories, too!

Here's the link if you want to check it out!

So, there ya have it! Just a few things that are making my heart skip an extra beat this week! Will comes home tonight (happy dance) and I'm hoping to have some family time mixed in with a few projects! And of course, a Halloween movie or two too!

Happy Weekend friends!