Friday, October 12, 2018

Hello Third Trimester, Goodbye Toes (and good night's sleep)

I can hardly believe that we're entering the 3rd trimester already. This pregnancy seriously has flown by in a blink of an eye. I catch myself wanting the months to hurry on by to holding onto every day, knowing that our life of 4 is about to end. Saidey, my baby, won't be the baby anymore, Sophia will be an even BIGGER sister, and laundry is going to grow by a third. I'm particularly focusing on that last one. Haha.

The second trimester brought a big relief of symptoms I had in my first, thankfully. My nausea went away, my fatigue improved, and life went on as we knew it. But then, week 24 came and I didn't pass my one hour glucose test. I received a lot of feedback from people that they ended up passing the three hour and honestly, I wasn't too worried about it! I went into the test, thinking I'd pass just fine, to be told that I had already failed the first fasting test by 3 points. One more fail and I'd be officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes. As the one hour came around, I was officially diagnosed. Thankfully, my next two rounds I was actually below so that was good. I experienced a lot of emotions that day- mostly confusion and a lot of questions swarming through my head. Since my diagnosis, here are some things I've learned about GD:
1) Being diagnosed with GD can increase your chances by 50-60% to develop diabetes later in life
2) GD can cause baby's blood sugar to significantly decrease at birth, causing a longer hospital stay
3) GD can also cause other problems, including preeclampsia
4) Most mom's blood sugars return to normal after birth
5) Sleep, stress, and exercise can significantly impact your blood sugars
6) Diet- I've never had to be as aware of what I'm putting into my body as now. I've never paid super close attention to carbs, etc.. until now. I am on a low carb, high protein diet. One of the hardest parts was saying goodbye to breads, pastas, and cereal. Eggs, string cheese, almonds, chicken (I'm not a huge fan of red meat), vegetables, and fruits have been my friend since the beginning.
7) Having GD has been a HUGE learning curve, getting to know which foods spike my blood sugar and which foods keep it at the correct level has been trial and error
8) I am not alone in this and there are several mamas who have went through this too and had a perfectly healthy baby!

I had my 28 week appointment last Friday and they checked my log of blood sugars (I have to check it 4 times a day) and they said everything looks good. So far, I am only diet controlled, meaning I don't need medication to help manage it. My blood pressure and urine sample were all good and baby boy is measuring exactly at 28 weeks. His heart rate was 143 and basically it sounded like they will continue to check my blood sugar log, urine, blood pressure and measurements and if those all look good, we will just continue as normal. My appointments are every two weeks now- which is so hard to believe- we are on the downhill slide of this pregnancy for sure!

We have so many exciting things coming in the next few months that I'm sure they'll fly by. We are officially into Fall (my favorite season #basic, I know) and all of my favorite holidays are coming right around the corner!

Pumpkin Spice Milk Tees from the Ever Co

My girls LOVE these gingerbread Halloween houses from Trader Joes!

We also are beginning to get serious about switching the girls' rooms and getting Sullivan's nursery ready! We are aiming to have all the changes done by mid November, in case he wants to make an early appearance. The good news is that nesting came early for me and I already have most items bought (or we already have) and just have to put everything together.

The inspiration for Sullivan's room

I will create a book nook in each room (we bought 4 total)
 The rug I got for Sullivan's room

The shelves I got for each room
Each room will also have a dresser that I am painting white. Girls dresser knobs will be changed to something different and we will add black knobs to Sullivan's. Sullivan's room will also have a rocker in the corner. Girls room will be more colorful- using their own bedding they already have (both of their rooms now are coral and aqua) and so we can use the décor they already have and it will work in their new shared room.

I also got this sign from Opal + Olive

This bunk bed is on its way to us and should get here next weekend!

Saidey has finally turned a corner and seems excited to share a room with Sophia and sleep in a bunk bed. Fingers crossed she'll still feel that way in a few months!!

I can't wait to share with you all the end result!

Also! Real quick- We've been a lover of Mac and Mia for quite some time now and I was super excited to be able to use this service for the new babe! I wasn't going to order a box so soon but I had some credit to use that was going to expire at the end of September, so I went ahead and had my stylist put together a box for him! It was another winner and I thought I'd share a code for people who may want to try it out!!

Mac and Mia offers unique clothes for littles- all packaged up so cute with a personal note- all delivered to your door! My kids LOVE getting a Mac and Mia box- they love opening it, trying all the cute things on, and having a mini fashion show. You just pay a styling fee (which is waived if you buy at least 2 items) and then any item you wish to purchase. You can send the rest of the items back in a pre stamped bag! Easy peasy! All of our Mac and Mia purchases have become staples in their wardrobes. I usually do a box at each season, or 2-3 times a year.

Their customer service is top notch as well and I've loved getting to know my stylist (we follow one another on Instagram) and interact via social media often. She also emails me to check in where there are new products she thinks I might like, sends out reminders when my credit is going to expire, etc. It's such a fun service and a fun way to get different pieces in your kiddo's wardrobe.

Check out their website and then here's a code for $20! (for new customers only)

We've had unbelievably rainy and gloomy weather here and have so much to do outside in terms of getting our yard ready for winter. We have to clear out the garden and just clean up a little, take all of our patio furniture to the basement, cover the tables, etc.. We finally see some clear weather this weekend and are hoping to get that stuff done!

Halloween costumes are also ordered and we finally nailed down what each kiddo wants to be for Halloween! We will have a Mal from The Descendants and a deer.

Mal from Descendent (Target)

Can you tell how different my kiddos are?! Haha!

Hope you all are having a great week!