Monday, August 6, 2018

Three Things

Hey friends! It's been awhile so I thought I'd do a "Three Things" post where I share updates about all of us and what we've been up to!

And super fun, I'm adding our new family member, too!

1.) We found out on Friday that this babe is a BOY! We are so excited- especially the girls- they really wanted a brother! But equally excited as nervous! I feel like I'm entering new territory, with new decisions that need to be made, and boy parts that I'm not used to taking care of. Haha. Regardless, we knew his name for quite some time and decided to go ahead and share with everyone. For some reason, this time around, choosing a name did not take long, and we have had names picked out for quite some time (that we actually agreed on!!)

Here's a list of contenders:

And the one we chose if it was a girl: Sutton Madeline


2.) This little guy is measuring right on track and weighs 12 oz. He wasn't entirely cooperative and was moving around too much for her to get a good profile picture and shot of his heart. I will get another US on the 31st during my 24 week appointment. At that appointment, I will also do the glucose screen.

3.) I found out that I have a low lying placenta. My placenta is just 1.4 (she didn't say measurement wise in inches, cm, etc) but I'm guessing CM?) away from my cervix, where it should be at least 2. It isn't covering my cervix so that's good. She didn't seem too concerned at this point as she said we will just monitor it throughout the pregnancy. She said for some women, if it doesn't move further up, it could result in a C-section. However,  I will be having a scheduled C-section, so it doesn't make too big of a difference for me. She did let me know that if I notice any bleeding to come in right away. I am not too worried as the doctor didn't seem too concerned, just something to monitor and keep an eye on.

1.) I've recently discovered (ok, maybe I've known all along but just wasn't processing it) that Saidey is not only stubborn but she is your typical younger child. She is wild, carefree, and full of her own opinions. It seems yes means no and no means yes and she really tests my patience. I am grateful that it is really only with us that she tests her limits and thankfully not at school, but I've come to realize, that she probably gets away with a lot with me and can be a real stinker because of that. I've talked about it with Will and we're both hoping that this third babe will help things (or make things 100% worse haha).

2.) I'm not sure if Saidey fully understands she is going to Kinder in a mere 3 weeks or if she's just so laid back, she doesn't really care either way. We keep reminding her she's going to go to the same school as Sophia, we're getting back to school stuff together, etc.. and so far, she's been pretty blasé about it. haha. We found out she will have the same Kindergarten teacher that Sophia had- Will and I are laughing because they're two very different kiddos- better watch out Mrs. Erbes!! =)

3.) Saidey is loving gymnastics and she's going to do it in the fall again. She's a pretty physically strong 5 year old (or I'm just weak and that is very real possibility) and so although she can be clumsy, she actually does really well- especially the bars, where she can pull herself up by herself. To my dismay, she tries out her gymnastic moves on the couch, ottoman, etc... sigh. Thinking of getting her some gymnastic gear for Christmas so she can safely practice and not use our furniture as a gym.

1.) Sophia loves school and so it doesn't surprise me that she is fully aware back to school is coming up. She loved picking out her new backpack (we only do a new backpack every other year or two) and this year, she picked pandas! So cute!

2.) Sophia's summer program ends August 10th, so between grandparents and Will and I, she's going to be home until school starts. We've already made some plans to do a girls shopping day (she already told me she wants to go to Justice and Claire's) and I am so excited that I can shop with this girl more now that she's getting older!

3.) Sophia expressed interest in taking dance so we looked around, asked a few people for recommendations, and went and observed a dance class a few weeks ago. She was extremely reserved and shy but towards the end perked up and was doing some of the actions on the side. But, when I asked her if she wanted to start, she decided not to. At first, I was a little disappointed but had to remind myself that it's ok. I would like to look into some community classes (art, etc) they offer to get her into something at least but right now, organized activities just aren't her thing, and maybe won't ever be.

1) Will started a new job! We are very excited for this opportunity although it meant saying goodbye to a great company and coworkers. He will be the director of an IT team of a local HR company here in town.

2.) My private practice is going great. I am to the point that I can only add a few more new clients and then I'm full. Most of my clients, I have been consistently seeing now for several months and I'm not sure what I was so worried about as I always said how much I love the clients that I work with in a non profit agency. A past, wise supervisor once told me that pain is pain and she was so right and I really truly enjoy working with my clients there.

3.) I am in FULL nesting mode. For some reason, since we found out we were expecting baby no. 3, I've felt like we really need to have our s@*t together. The girls will be sharing a room again to free up the other bedroom for baby. If you are wondering who is less than thrilled with this- it would be Saidey. Part of the resistance is that earlier this Spring we transitioned her to a full bed and she doesn't want to give it up. We are trying to talk up getting bunk beds and getting new bedding/decor, etc. but right now, it's looking a little grim. I feel a little conflicted because I don't want her to be upset about it but I also know, she will like it once it happens. (at least 90% of me thinks/hopes so). So, despite that, we are steam rolling ahead and beginning to look at options for bunk beds as well as what we will need for baby's room. It's fun and overwhelming all at the same time. My list of to do's is slowly growing by the day.

*Update- Saidey seemed excited about sharing a room this weekend- we will see if that lasts!

So, that's a little update on all of us!! We're looking forward to August- Iowa State Fair time, back to school, and some birthdays to celebrate! :)