Friday, December 29, 2017

Top 17 Moments of 2017

Heeey friends!!! How were your holidays?! Ours was wonderful with lots of time spent with family! I keep seeing this post pop up on social media and it

Yup. I'm there! Anyone else?! 

So, for the last few years, I've rounded up my favorite moments of the year! 

As I reflect on 2017, so many wonderful, personal memories come to mind. However, in general, 2017 was rough. Between all the natural disasters, Las Vegas, and ongoing bezerk political world-- there were days where it was easy to let it get to me. Saying that, I turn to the good and the light-- because that will always be present. I LOVE this video by Google.. what a year it's been 2017! 

Now, for our top 17 moments!! (not in order =) )

1.Glitter bath

Will accidentally tried filling Saidey's bathwater with a shimmer bar from Lush. This was the end result =) She was glittery for days... it was a definite funny memory!! 

2. Private practice

 We officially signed a lease for office space in January 2017. The first six months were rough and left me wondering if it was the right decision. It was slow going and I just wanted people to come. It has picked up and I now have consistent clients. Many of goals for 2018 are to continue to grow my practice. It was a HUGE leap for me and the risk and fear of failure are so real. I am so glad that I have had the support of my family and friends throughout this adventure!

3. Planning and celebrating Saidey's 4th birthday

I love celebrating my kiddo's on their birthdays. And while they're young and I can, I love to plan and make their day super special. I will continue to do so as long as they let me! 

4. Easter 

Easter is always a favorite holiday of mine and this year was no exception. It was full of love and family. 

5. Planting a garden

When we moved, one of things I was most looking forward to, was planting a garden. I loved all of us outside, working and planting. While the bunnies ate most of our garden =(, it was a fun experience and we can't wait to do it again next year! (With some revisions!!)

6. Trip to Florida and Disney World

See the post here

See how we did Disney here

Our trip to Florida in June was an absolute favorite memory and one that we all still talk about to this day! 

7. Exploring nature

We unplugged a little and took the girls to Jester Park and Ledges State Park this summer. Getting out in nature was a favorite memory! We can't wait to go again this summer! 

8. Fourth of July in Chicago

Besides Will getting sick, spending Fourth of July in Chicago was so much fun! I love taking my kids to places I went as a kid and this place holds so many wonderful memories for me. Chicago is a favorite place and spending time there with my favorite people is the absolute best! 

9. Weekends at the pool

For about a month, we spent almost every weekend at the local pool. The girls grew their swimming skills and became more and more comfortable in the water. It was carefree-- just what summer should be! 

10. Sophia's 7th Birthday

We celebrated Sophia's 7th birthday this summer! Watching this girl grow into such a kind, loving little girl is the best!

11. Bruno Mars in Chicago

In August, we went to Chicago to watch Bruno Mars! It was a favorite memory with some of my most favorite people!

12. Iowa State Fair

Summer in Iowa is not Summer without the Iowa State Fair! 

13.  First day of school

And next year, they will be going to the same school!! 

14. Apple/pumpkin patch

Every Fall, we head to the pumpkin patch- this year was definitely a favorite as we also went apple picking! 

15.  Halloween

16. Thanksgiving

17. Christmas

Whew! What a year it's been! 2018, we can't wait for you! 

Happy New Year friends!