Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our Florida Adventure

We're back from Florida and what a fun time we all had! I thought a week would be too long but boy, was I wrong! The week absolutely FLEW by and we had the best time with our family!

I'll be sharing a post later in the week specifically about our Disney adventure, so be on the lookout for that!

My grandparents have a home in Port Charlotte, Florida and invited us down for a trip. We couldn't say no and were booked in no time! We left bright and early Sunday morning, with all of our luggage! It's amazing what a family of four looks like with all their luggage! We were probably quite the sight!

We got checked in and through security with ease and grabbed some breakfast and coffee to wait at our gate.

Shortly before we were to board, they announced there would be a 25 minute delay. No problem, just more time to finish breakfast! But then, it turned into an hour delay until finally they delayed it until 4:50. Keep in mind it was only 9AM by that time! We debated about leaving but we had checked our car seats and my mom was on her way to pick up our car. We decided to just stay put and make the best of it. The girls had snacks, activities, and movies so they actually did very well. Saidey even took a nap! Later in the afternoon, our flight got delayed another hour and then finally, we had a set flight time for 6:55PM. We ended up eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the DSM International Airport. We finally boarded and were taking off by 8PM.
Waiting, waiting, waiting

Being on a plane never felt so good! 

We didn't get into Punta Gorda  until almost midnight and by the time we settled in, it was nearly 1AM when the girls got to bed. Needless to say, our trip was not off to the greatest start! But we were thankful we made it!

The next morning, the girls woke up at their normal time (YIKES!) and ate breakfast and jumped in the pool! We swam for a little bit and then got ready for lunch out. We headed to a cute shopping area and despite the rain, had fun exploring and eating. We headed back to my grandparent's house for a quiet afternoon and a nap for all.

On Tuesday, it was another bright and early day as we were heading to DISNEY! The girls were SO excited and we had the best time! We ended up staying at Disney all day Tuesday and half the day on Wednesday before heading back to my grandparent's. I plan on writing a post on how we did Disney in a little over one day along with some helpful tips!

These gals are ready to do DISNEY!

Being troopers while waiting in line for a ride! 

Dinner at Be Our Guest 

Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table

I have a TON more Disney pictures that I'll share later! 

On Thursday, the girls swam some more in the morning and then we got ready for the day. We headed to Shell Factory, which is home to the world's largest gift shop (truly, it was HUGE) and it also had a zoo area for the kids. After that, we headed home and the girls swam some more! (Notice a theme here?)

Friday was the designated beach day and after breakfast, we got ready for the day and headed to Venice Beach in Venice, FL! It was the girl's first time at a beach/ocean and at first, they were a little hesitant but after a little help, they loved it! We all got a little sunburned (#momfail) and the girls instantly fell asleep on the car ride home. We collected shells, bounced in the waves, and dug in the sand! It was such a fun day!

Sun, Sand, and Surf wears a girl out! 

Saturday was pretty rainy but the girls did get the chance to jump in the pool for one last swim. It started raining more heavily, so the girls hopped out and we played games (lots of games of Memory were played this week!) and watched movies and had quiet time. We also started packing everything up as we had a flight out very early the next morning! We went out for pizza that night for our last dinner in Florida and called it an early night as we had to be up the next day at 4:30.

Thank you for a wonderful week! Can't wait to visit again! 
Sunday was our return flight to Iowa and we were back in Iowa by 8:15AM. 

Bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5AM! 
We were back home by 9:30AM. We unpacked quickly, I threw in one load of laundry, we mowed and worked in the yard as our garden had been taken over by weeds and rabbits. Will went out to get lunch and we ate on the couch and all fell asleep. It was so nice to get home early Sunday so that we had all day to recharge.

This week is crazy as we start swim lessons this week for the next two weeks! (bad timing, mom!) We don't have groceries (Thankful for HyVee's online shopping), and I have three late nights at work this week.

But we are so thankful for a perfect week of time spent with family and I am so grateful my girls get to spend time with their great grandparents- a blessing that not a lot of us have had.

Hope y'all have a great week!