Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Life Lately

Helloooo!! Wow- it's been too long since I've posted here. Life has been good but B U S Y.  And I hate using that word. But between a full time job and picking up clients at my private practice- carving out time to write a blog post just hasn't happened. It's when you have to make a list and prioritize and unfortunately, at this time, this little blog of mine is towards the bottom right now. BUT I thought I'd do a quick update on life lately and what we've been up to!

We decided to take the leap and try out Hello Fresh. Serious game changer. I understand that it's pricey- we do the 3 meals a week plan- it's just under $60. BUT- it's SO dang convenient- I can't even tell you. We incorporate the meals from Hello Fresh into our weekly rotations and really only have to buy meals for one day (with leftovers) and stuff for the girls as we chose the meal plan for only 2 people. The girls eat super easy during the week so their dinners are easy to throw together. Not only is it so convenient, but we are trying new things and new recipes that we probably wouldn't try otherwise.  All of the recipes we've tried are excellent. The only few downsides- the packaging- I have to break down a mid size box, with a liner and a large frozen pack every week. The recipes are super easy to do but involve more pans than we're used to. Overall, I would highly recommend you to try it, especially if you're a super active and busy family!!
Getting ready for Valentine's Day!
These shirts from Target are my FAVORITE!!
Matching Valentine's jammies- yes please!!
I started following this darling mama on Instagram and she posted a super easy and cute recipe for heart shaped donuts! We did a test run last weekend and they were so yummy!!
Mom hack- these cups are nothing short of amazing! You can find them  here. Take a look at their  Instagram account too and find other ideas of how to use these genius cups. I've decided I need a set everywhere in the house!
Since we're on the topic of household items, I have to tell you about this vacuum. I know, I know, can you tell I'm getting old?! HAHA. But really, this vacuum is life.changing. I wish I had a picture of the full thing, hanging up, so you could see that but I forgot to snap a pic. Anyway, this thing is so convenient and handy to use! I've already used it several times this week! It's cordless and can change to a hand held vacuum. I have it hung up on the charging dock in the laundry room and it's just so convenient to grab and do things like the stairs without having to lug out our full sized Dyson.
As you can tell, Saidey wanted to help vacuum right away!

We also ventured out on a mild day to Brenton Skating Plaza. We all had SO MUCH fun ice skating.
In the beginning of January, we redid our bar counter area. It was just cheap wood on the outside and it was showing it's wear and tear. We found these wood planks that were conveniently already white and put them on top of the existing board. The result is a favorite!
We also switched out the rugs in this room and the family room. I also am trying to decide on what to do with the cow painting and the three black and white prints. Someone suggested a gallery wall and so I think we're going to try that out to see how it looks!
Towards the end of January, we went to Piggie and Elephant at the Playhouse. Sophia introduced us to Piggie and Elephant a few years ago and since then, both of my kids LOVE the books. The play was super cute and fun for the girls!
In January, I attended a Favorite Things get together with the lovely gals of  Des Moines Moms Blog.  I'd never heard of such a party and it was so much fun! Each of us brought 3 of our favorite things of $10 or less (all the same item but could be variations). We then drew three names and those individuals received our favorite things. We all got to leave with three favorite things and it was so fun getting to know more about the individual too.
Saidey's FIFTH birthday is coming up in March and I'm beginning to do some planning! I ordered this  super cute sign from Alison, who is local.  Can't wait to get it! Can you guess what the theme is?
We'd heard that Krispy Kreme did birthday parties, so we called our local one and they don't do it at our location. Womp Womp. Super big bummer. So onto Plan B!
WHEW! That was a lot longer than I planned! I guess I had more to share than I thought! That's what happens when you haven't blogged in FOREVER!

Thanks for reading!