Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Goals

Ummmmm.. February?? Where did you go?! Seriously. I feel like I was JUST writing a post about February goals! Anywho... it's time to share my monthly goals. And also share some completely unrelated pictures because melt my heart, they're just too precious not to share. =)

Let's recap last month's goals:

1) Make an OB appointment- CHECK, completed, DONE. NOW, I remember why I stalled on getting this done. No fun. But I feel better knowing it's done. Until next year! 

2.) Valentine's for school and daycare- CHECK! I felt like I was back in school but it was fun to help Sophia write out her Valentine's and sort through her bag of goodies after her party.
Teacher gifts 
 I know, it's tilted. Just go with it

3.) Organize- Semi Check

This goal will be on my list for a few months probably as it's a big task. I have the pantry, linen closet, entry closet, and basement storage area I want to tackle. I did sort through clothes for Saidey for Spring/Summer and started to make a list of things we need- so that felt good. But the other areas? No progression. 

4.) Plan for Italy- Semi Check

We've made progress, let's just say. There are still things that need to be worked out but at least we have a very GENERAL plan. And can I say, that NOW I am starting to get REALLY excited for this trip?! But also, a little nervous leaving the girls for 10 days... 

5.) Haircut- FAIL 

Hopefully, in the next two weeks, I will get in for a cut!

She asked me everyday this week, "When are we going back to Grandma's to see Bella?"
Meeting Bella, safe to say they're in LOVE 
Now, for MARCH goals

It's a super busy month. It feels like each month is just getting busier and busier. Such is life when Spring/Summer comes around. Wait- who am I kidding? This is our life.

1) Organize- I should probably aim to tackle just ONE area, otherwise it's just too overwhelming. 

2) HAIRCUT- TRISH, I'm coming at you in the next two weeks! Promise!

3)Saidey's birthday- order invites, figure out cake, food? See- so much to figure out

4) Easter plans- Saidey's birthday is RIGHT on Easter weekend- not ideal at all. But I need to start getting Easter basket stuff ready and figure out what we're doing Easter Sunday.

5) Focus on my blog- I'm failing, I used to do at least 2-3 posts a week and lately, nada. Zip. I get down on myself for not posting but know that I'm doing the best I can. But this month, I'm going to make an agenda and stick to it (hopefully).


Join me back here Friday for Friday Favorites- Birthday Parties, where I will recap all the parties we've done for the kiddos.