Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

I can't believe a month has passed and it's time for another What's Up Wednesday post! This year is flying by! This is one of my favorite posts to do and I'm linking up with Mix and Match Family, Larson Lingo and Pinterest Told Me To. If you LOVE the Bachelor, she has the funniest recaps on her blog!  

What we're eating
Monday- Spaghetti
Tuesday- Soup/sandwiches (Shay's late night at work) 
Wednesday- Dreaded Leftovers
Thursday- ?? 
Friday- Fish Fry

What I'm Reading
I'm TRYING to read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I have the goal to buy it this weekend and start reading! 

What I'm Looking Forward To
-Meeting my mom's new fur baby, Bella THIS weekend
-Fuller House (THIS Friday) and House of Cards (In March)
Saidey's 3rd birthday and party (insert sobbing emoji here)
Check out my birthday planning Pinterest board!

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What I'm Loving
My new Swell bottle
Lace up flats- LOVING these
Mini Melissa Shoes- they're on the pricier side but Nordstrom frequently has them on sale. I have bought two pairs for Saidey that were on sale for $35. They are fun, girly, and have a sweet bubblegum scent. They don't rub against her feet or get stinky. And did I mention I just searched for this exact pair and they don't have them anymore. Bummer. They do sell out fast especially if they're on sale so sometimes you gotta be quick! 

Some of you may have heard about Stitch Fix and Mac and Mia is like Stitch Fix but for kiddos in sizes 0-6 years. I ordered my first box and got it Monday. I love their style of clothes and will go more in depth about my thoughts in a separate post, along with what we kept, probably next week. But some teaser pics...

I have no idea why I can't get this photo rotated. I've tried three times and I give up. So just tilt your head.. =)

Same with this picture....

What We've Been Up To

Enjoying the 50 degree weather

SO, this is a really sweet pic but you have to tilt your head to really see it =) Blogger- you're really failing me right now!

On Sunday, which I've declared my laundry day, my dryer decided to stop working. So at 4 in the afternoon, we went washer/dryer shopping. JUST what I wanted to do- drop a bunch of money for a new washer and dryer on a Sunday afternoon. Not that the money could have gone towards Italy or maybe new shoes?? Naaahh..

Isn't she pretty? Again, tilt your head... so sorry! 

But I am excited to get a new washer/dryer that should be coming TODAY! 

I've had a love/hate with our flooring the last few years. I've noticed that the tile never looks truly clean even after spending time hand scrubbing the floor each week. I'm in a decor group on Facebook and someone mentioned Grout ReColor from Lowe's. Well, on Sunday, I picked up a bottle for $12.99 and went to scrubbing. These were the end results..

You can see clearly where I stopped and I have to say a few things- 1)WOW, what a difference! and 2) YUCK, our grout was THAT bad! But this stuff works wonders and is supposed to last years before you'd have to apply it again. We'll see how that holds up but for now, what a difference in only the 15 minute it took. Now, I haven't done the other rooms (two other bathrooms and a kitchen) but I barely put a dent in that bottle. So I'm thinking $12.99 is one heck of a steal! 

What I'm Watching


The Bachelor

Fixer Upper



Real Housewifes of Anywhere (I watch all the franchises) I swear I am an intelligent person, I just live vicariously through Lisa Vanderpump..

What I'm Excited About
I'm really looking forward to Des Moines Moms Blog Night Out at Jasper Winery next week. I am looking forward to going to a fun event but also meeting some of the readers and spending time with the other writers, too. 

What I'm Listening To

Straight From the Heartland Podcast
Heather Dubrow's World

Last month, I asked for recommendations for PodCasts and NO ONE gave any! C'mon people, give me some recommendations! 
What I'm Wearing
I was scrolling through the photos on my phone and realized I haven't taken ANY outfit pictures... oops. But I have been wearing my Hunter boots A LOT this month. Between snow, slush and rainy weather, they've been getting a lot of use. 

So, tell me- what's up with YOU?!