Friday, February 5, 2016

February Goals

It's been a few months since I've shared my monthly goals with you all. It's a new month, though and a fresh start! Is anyone else having a hard time believing it's already February?! I mean, January- where did you go?! February is an awesome month for us as we have a lot to celebrate! My sister's birthday (2/2), my mom's birthday (2/15), and of course, Valentine's Day!

But, as we enter February, I am reminded once again, that time is not really my friend. I wrote this post last year, on my birthday. I've realized that the time is ticking away and I still have 29 things on my list of TO DO's. OY VEY, overwhelming, much?!

So, without causing a mini heart attack, these are my February goals

1) Make an OB appointment. Guys! For some reason, it hit me the other week that since I had Saidey, I haven't been into my OB for a check up?! No bueno. So, that is at the top of my goal list for the month!

2.) Valentine's for school and daycare. Guys, I stress myself out but I love, love Valentine's and coming up with creative ideas for non candy Valentine's. These were the Valentine's from last year

and yes. this took for.ever.
 For the teachers!

Check out my Pinterest board for more Valentine's Day inspiration!

3.) Organize
Currently, I have our hall closet, linen closet, pantry, and storage area in the basement that I want to completely redo and organize. This is a big one and will probably be on the list of goals for a few months but I hope to tackle one area at a time.

4.) Plan for Italy
Ok, guys, we leave for Italy in July and I've done ZERO planning. I've been getting emails from other family members about their hour to hour itinerary and I'm over here thinking it's still December. Major fail. So, I hope to carve out a weekend night to hit my tour books and do a little research. Anyone been to Italy? Any recommendations?? And GO!

5.) Haircut
I'm probably the most indecisive person I've ever met in regards to my hair. Do I want it short? Long? Highlighted? Purple? Heck- let's just shave it and call it good! In all seriousness, I do need a trim even if I haven't decided if I want to keep it short or grow it out. #firstworldproblems, I know!

Ok, guys, those are my February goals. Let's see how I do! Happy Friday!