Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekend Recap- Back to School Edition

Hey friends! We had a great weekend, pretty low key. On Friday, we did a Target run and got Sophia's school supplies. We picked up pizza and a RedBox movie and headed home for a quiet night in.

We came home to this... oops- left the toilet paper hanging! 

Sophia's school supply haul! 

On Saturday, we woke up, got ready and headed to Williamsburg. We got some great back to school deals and got some cute Fall stuff for the girls. Saturday afternoon we relaxed, played with Odin and headed to Snookie's after dinner. When we were at Snookies, I happened to give Sophia a quick kiss on the forehead and noticed she felt warm. When we got home, she had a low grade fever.

Sunday came too fast and a whole lot of snuggling and watching movies happened. Sophia still had a low grade fever but no other symptoms. She said her nose felt a little stuffed up but other than acting a little tired, she acted normal.  So, we set up camp in the basement and watched some Netflix.

After naps, we played games and did a little more relaxing

Watching the girls play with Odin truly warms my heart. Granted, it feels like we have a third kid sometimes but it's so fun to watch the girls run around and play with him.

Haha, I mean... just too funny! Who is chasing who?? 

Saidey has been in undies all weekend, with no accidents. I think it's pretty safe to say that we've got another one out of diapers! WOO HOOO!!! (except nap and nighttime).

Other than work and daycare- it's a quiet week. Next weekend will be pretty busy with scheduling a haircut for Sophia, going to KC for a birthday party and the IOWA STATE FAIR!! Have a great week, all and see you all back here on Wednesday! 

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