Sunday, January 12, 2014


Happy Sunday all! It was a quiet, get-things-done kind of weekend. Sophia stayed in pjs all day, both days kind of weekend. The best.

Since having Saidey and deciding to cloth diaper I have discovered a love for baby legwarmers. Perfect to cover her fluffy bum but you don't even have to take them off for diaper changes! And they are super cute to boot. We find ours at Last time they were on sale and I got 5 pairs for $10! 

This last week, I was sick and then Saidey developed an infection from a dry spot that got opened due to her itching. She is on an antibiotic and the spot is clearing up great. I also have been combating hives and this week they got so terrible- spreading to my face, that I went to the doctor and am being referred to an allergist. Gotta start somewhere I suppose!

Saidey is now officially crawling on all fours and barely army crawls anymore! She is also working on two top teeth- they are cut through finally!

Sophia is silly as ever, delighting us with her (loud) singing and imaginative stories. All weekend. Locked indoors. :)

Here are a few pics from the weekend! 
Sophia enjoys taking pictures on my phone. I discovered this tonight.