Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little R & R

After a little bit of a crazy week, we've had a really quiet weekend again. 

Both girls have pretty yucky colds but remain in good spirits. Sophia went to Marshalltown for the weekend while Saidey stayed home. So it was a very quiet weekend without our entertainer! 

Saidey is off her antibiotics and her ear is healed but that day developed a cold. William was sick last week too. 

We hope that the girls are on the uphill slide of whatever they have and that we all stay semi healthy! It doesn't help probably that I go to 5-7 centers a week either. 

We also found out that Sophia got into a preschool program that runs M, T, TH, And Fridays but only in the afternoon. We have to figure out our options for transportation or alternative child care that is able to transport. Big decisions and I'm sure just the beginning in our girls' education. Stressful. 

Can't believe the month of January is almost gone already! 2014 is already flying! I've already began to look at ideas for Saidey's 1st birthday as it's coming right around the corner! Hope everyone has a great week and everyone is staying healthy! 
Sophia's trip to the dentist! She did great!
Sister love! :)