Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Competitive Moms: My kid is smarter than yours!

So, I have had a few interactions with fellow mamas since beginning to have children on my own that has prompted me to write this next post. What is it with mama's out there who feel the need to one up one another?! I mean, as mama's we all do what is best for our family and we shouldn't feel bad about doing so or feel guilty for doing it! But sometimes, after spending time with other mom's, I leave second guessing my own parenting choices. As mom's, I feel it is sometimes natural to compare our children and even as women, we can be very judgmental of each other. Recently, I had an interaction with another mom that left me so frustrated that the phrase, "I need a glass of wine" came out of my mouth! Those of you who know me well, know that it takes an awful lot to provoke that kind of response!

I have made certain decisions for my family because quite frankly, they work for us. There are a ton of parenting philosophies out there that we can debate all day long but at the end of the day, you gotta do what works for you and your babies. Period. Just because we have chosen a certain path doesn't mean I believe all others must follow this path as well or that other ways are wrong. So, does Sophia watch Disney Jr? YUP! Does she play on the Ipad? Yes she does. Is it with supervision and monitoring, yes. Does she eat chicken nuggets, YES YES and YES. Sometimes, dinner for us consists of peanut butter and crackers and leftovers for mom because quite frankly, that is all I'm up for after being gone all day. Is Sophia a perfect angel- heck no! Does she say no! and pout and stomp on the occasion. Yes. But is she 3? Yes. So instead of judging another mom's decisions, let's support her and as women, stick together because let's face it, parenthood is a pretty funny journey and there are going to be mistakes!

My cutie patootie rocking her legwarmers!