Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Beginnings

No, we did not intentionally coordinate clothing :)

WEEEE!! The big slide was FUN!

Even though she didn't win Homecoming Queen, she'll always be a queen to her niece. We love you Auntie Brooklyn!!

Loves singing and doing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

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We've been enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather and it's been a busy start to the Fall season so far! Sophia and I are both getting fully adjusted to our new routines, and like the title states- new beginnings!

Sophia is loving her new daycare and she has grown SO much developmentally, it's crazy and so much fun watching her grow! This past week she fought a low grade fever, I kept her home on Wednesday and by the end of the day the fever was gone and when I woke her up on Thursday, she seemed fine but by 10 am, Will got a phone call stating her fever had gone to 101.5 and she was lethargic. William was a good daddy and took care of her all day- took her to the Dr. and thankfully we got antibiotics! Will's parents were planning on coming up for the World Food Festival and decided to come early to stay at home with Sophia on Friday as she was not allowed to go back to daycare. By Friday night she seemed in good spirits and fever free. Saturday was a relaxing day, as we played outside and hung out at home. Later in the afternoon we all headed to the World Food Festival and tried lots of yummy food from around the world- we all had fun and full bellies by the time we left. We came home and played a little more and then headed to Menchies- a frozen yogurt place in WDM and I saw an old daycare family which was a nice surprise! Seems like since I have quit, I see my old families everywhere I go! :)

Today, we all woke up early and headed to church and then to Iowa Machine Shed for breakfast. Sophia seemed tired so we headed home and put her down for a nap. After Sophia woke up we decided to go to Center Grove Orchard and take advantage of the weather while it was here. We had a BLAST- we did the corn pool, animals, hayride to pumpkin patch, straw maze, big slide, and pillow jump. Sophia loved it- she got a little grouchy towards the end and when we were on the ride back from the pumpkin patch she threw a mini fit because we wouldn't let her get up and walk around.

My work is going really well- I'm really getting adjusted to everything and got offered a part time job- I don't know specific details as it was just brought to me Friday but I am very excited nonetheless as it will be a great way for me to get my foot in the door. Next week the counselor I work with is going on vacation so I am taking on her clients and so it will be good experience to see what it is really like, with a full case load and doing all the paperwork. I also began working with a family through Iowa Family Services, a respite services provider. I work with three boys who have different diagnoses (mental health) and I love it! I really enjoy the boys and it will be great to start doing some one on one things with each of them. I work with the boys twice a week so it's a not too much with Will's classes and everything else going on.

Overall, we've  had a great start to October, with a few busy weekends coming up- Lansing next weekend, and then Halloween festivities coming up in the next few weekends too!