Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little Advice??

Hello all!

We've had a great, relaxing weekend and are just winding down. We had a quiet night on Friday, just the girls, as Will had class. On Saturday we ran a bunch of errands, met my mom and sister for lunch, ran to my grandparents house to visit for a bit as they just returned from the BVI. We ran a few more errands and finally made it back home in time to put Sophia in bed and to relax. We caught up on some laundry and organizing today and then went to my aunt's house for lunch and to see my grandparents again. We headed home as Sophia was being very fussy- not sure if the busy day/one small nap yesterday just did her in or if her teeth were bothering her or what, but boy, she was one fussy gus!

We've had a nice night- a little busy as we decided to re-arrange our basement (family room/Sophia's toy room) it took us awhile to get it set up to how we liked it but now we're sitting in our "new" family room!

Got Sophia to bed and she's snoozing away- so nice to have a little one who goes to sleep so easily. I think it's helped tremendously that we've set up a bed time routine since we've moved her into her own room when she was a few weeks old. Now, as my title suggests, we need a little advice.. she still is in a crib and is NOWHERE close to trying to get out/climb out BUT we were thinking about maybe putting up her toddler rail?? Our thoughts were that if we put it up now, maybe she won't even really notice and it will just be normal to her? And then, once she gets old enough/ knows she can get out, she won't because it won't be "new and exciting??" Not sure about this one?? She definitely is still small enough and could probably stay in her crib until she is two or older, size wise and she definitely doesn't even have the desire to try to climb out and hurt herself so no need to put it up for that reason. But, she does sleep on a cot at daycare and does great- not sure though. HMM- so any thoughts would be great! :)

Our little peanut at Grandma's house a few weekends ago!