Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Halloween! Well, tomorrow anyways! :)

We had a great weekend full of Halloween festivities- on Saturday night we went out for supper with Grandma and Grandpa Lee and Aunt Brooky and then we all went to Night Eyes- we all had a blast! Today we went to our friend's Brian and Sarah's and went to Beggar's Night around their neighborhood. By the end Sophia was running up to doors and grabbing a piece of candy from the bowl and adding it to her little bucket- it was pretty cute! :)

Last Tuesday was Sophia's 15 month check up and we still have a lil petite girl on our hands.. she is still just under 19 lbs and is 29.5 inches long. As long as she is slowly gaining weight there isn't much to worry about and her pediatrician said she is just going to be petite, end of story so quit worrying about her weight! :) It's hard though when she seems so little and isn't gaining as much weight as I "think" she should be- she eats sporadically as well- some days she eats and eats and then others she is just like "eh, I'll go without." Like today- ate an OK breakfast and not so hot lunch or dinner but yesterday ate SO much.

She also has been talking SO much- her favorite word has become MINE and everything is MINE. :)
She also loves to sing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed," which comes out like, "no no mo mo" Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. She also loves to roar like a tiger and lion and she also is getting pretty good at her sign for "please." Other words she is saying at the moment:

Shoes (LOVES shoes still- and knows where to put them away when we get home)
William swears he has heard her say "what's that" but I don't believe it. :)

Another new "trick" she has developed- if we ask her if she is stinky or poopy she grabs her diaper and says, "uh oh."It seems like she is changing so much and a few weeks go by and we have new "tricks" that she does. She sure keeps us on our toes and gives us a lot to laugh at and be thankful for- we look forward to the upcoming holidays and can't believe they are approaching so fast! 

Grandma Scholtes and Sophia playing outside!

Driving at the park!

Not so sure...

Sophia's painted pumpkins

Pretty baby girl

Out little kitty cat!

John Deere Tractor Rides at Night Eyes!

I <3 Aunt Brooklyn!!

Helping mommy stir up muffin mix!

READY for Trick or  Treat!!

Hailey, Lily, and Sophia

Family Pic :)

Sophia riding on the camel- don't let her trick you- the look of terror on her face really is excitement ;)