Friday, May 6, 2011


A picture of Sophia, right after she was born. WOW! What a change!

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through another week! On Sunday night/am, around 2 am, William got sick to his stomach and so he was down for the count all day Monday too. We did go to Sophia's 9 mo. appt, she is a whopping 15 lbs. 10 0z, I know, I know, not so whopping but she is gradually putting on weight, so no worries. She is also 27 in and was given the ok to pretty much try anything food wise. There are some things to avoid, but mostly common sense stuff like no peanuts or milk. She can have yogurt and other dairy products and even meat! The dr also suggested adding butter and other things like that to her meals to add calories. So, a pretty good check up! Her next check up will be her ONE year and that will be crazy!

It was a pretty good week, William seemed to feel much better by Tuesday and returned to work. Sophia is back to health, except is now getting a cold again. She is also getting her top teeth in, so a few nights she has woken up and hasn't been eating as well as usual either. I am getting a yucky cold, a very nasty sore throat that just started so I am trying to take care of myself as I have classes for the next two weekends in a row.

I see my last two clients today and it is sort of sad. I thought that I would just do these tapes for the class and be done but it really does make me sad that I won't be seeing the students anymore. But, I am glad to be done with the semester! I only have one more Monday class and then Summer courses begin. I have class May 14-15, May 20-21. June 4-5, June 10-11, and June 24, 25, and 26. By that time I think I will be more than ready to be done! I just have to remind myself that is only three big weekends and then I will have completed 2 more courses. I have an internship for the Fall as well, it's at House of Mercy, a residential tx facility for women and their children. The women complete treatment and get back on their feet while raising their children at the facility with them. I am so excited to start! I have to fill out a lot of paperwork, give them TB test and immunization records and meet again in mid July to finalize schedules and all that fun stuff!

We look forward to another busy weekend- we are headed to Omaha with my mom, Robert and Brooklyn to hit the zoo. Should be a great weekend! :)