Sunday, May 8, 2011

Omaha Zoo

We've had another fun/busy weekend! We headed to Omaha bright and early Saturday am! We had an easy trip there, Sophia slept the whole way. Once we got to the zoo, she was ready to go! We all had an awesome time. Sophia loved it! She was in awe at all the animals and would just stare and follow their movements. Her favorites were the monkeys and the penguins. She stood looking at the penguins for a good 10 minutes. It was so fun just to watch her and to watch her face as she watched the animals.

We returned to the hotel, very tired and a little fussy. We took a nap and then went out to supper. After that we just all hung out and went to bed early. This am, Mother's Day, we ate breakfast, took a swim in the pool, Sophia LOVED it! Think she's going to be a little swimmer! :) We showered, packed up and then my mom, sister, Sophia, and I went shopping while Will and Robert did their own thing. We came back and met up for a late lunch and then we were on our way back home! We had an awesome weekend with family! The best! :)

This week is my last week of class but summer classes start this weekend so I don't get much of a break. It will be nice not to have class during the week but I'll be sad to give up my weekends. It's back to Council Bluffs next weekend for me!