Saturday, May 28, 2011


Miss Sophia Rose at 10 months

Hello all! It seems like a while since I last posted anything! Things have been a little busy here! I survived another weekend class and am glad to have this weekend off. We head to Marshalltown this afternoon for a grad party and then we just decided to make it a weekend thing and so we'll be there for the rest of the weekend into Monday.

We're all well for the most part, Will had a double ear infection earlier this week and Sophia's top teeth are trying very hard to cut through, they're so close! I think they were bothering her a little as she has been waking up a few times during the night, which is pretty unusual for her. We've been giving her nighttime orajel and that seems to help, the last two nights she has slept all the way through.

She is getting to be such a big girl, turning 10 months earlier this week and all! :) We cut out one of her bottles, so she is only doing 3, 6 oz bottles. She takes formula out of a sippy well so we give her a few ounces of formula for snacks and lunch. We're trying to give her whatever we eat at mealtimes, it is hard as she isn't too interested right now. She'll eat some things really well and then others, like bananas (which I think is pretty silly, what kid doesn't like bananas?!?) she absolutely refuses to eat and even will pick it up off the plate and throw it on the floor. Although, I can't say I blame her, as I am not a fan either. :) She also has started TRYING going down for only one PM nap, and I repeat TRYING! Some days she is able to make it and others not so much, but who can blame her! She usually does one am nap and one pm nap, with one of those being shorter, so we thought if we can just eliminate one, she'd take one really big one. She did this at daycare a few days last week, she made it to 1130 and slept until 210. The toddler schedule is lunch at 11:15 and all kids are usually sleeping by 12:30. So, I think we're on the right track.

She is getting pretty silly and is starting to make really silly faces, she squints one eye shut when she smiles, like Popeye. Not sure where she got that, hope I don't look like that when I smile! :) She still loves to dance and read books. She also has been cruising along furniture and even has let go for a few seconds. She does pretty well with her walker and can go pretty far until she runs into something. I'm not sure I'm ready to have a walker already! :( What a big girl! She also has gotten quite interested in spoon feeding herself and even has the concept down of putting her spoon in the bowl and then lifting the spoon to her mouth. I help her out by scooping the food onto the spoon and then I let her do the rest, she does pretty well, with some spilling and splattering on the walls. :)

We've started the search for child care centers as our last day at the center is Aug. 11. We've been to two and one we thought was pretty good, and many policies and procedures were similar to the center we're at now. However, it offered 20-30 minutes of educational tv watching a day. This is the part we're pretty iffy about. We didn't ask a lot of questions about it but thought it was pretty strange seeing that in a child care setting. I can understand using the tv at an in home, having the kids watch a 1/2 hour show while you cook, but at a center I have a little bit of a hard time understanding why that is necessary. The other center, neither one of us cared much for. We still have one more that we'd really like to look at and then we'll have to decide, quick.

Have a great, long weekend! =)