Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello all! I survived my first weekend of class! It wasn't bad at all, to tell you the truth! It's a very interesting class- family counseling. We're mostly talking about family systems and how and why families are so dysfunctional. :) I have a great professor who is brilliant- I would like to jump in his brain for just a day! :)

It was nice spending some time alone as well, I ran to the mall and shopped for myself for my upcoming trip this summer, so that was fun! I did miss William and Sophia though and I can't tell you how good it felt to return home to them!

So, in my attempt to become a more organized, put together person, I found a website called, which is awesome! It helps you get your life organized, all from cleaning lists to tips and suggestions on how to declutter. It goes very in depth in some areas which I probably won't utilize but it does offer some great tips which I plan to use. I always seem to squeeze all of my cleaning on Friday, and with Sophia it's an all day process. (And there are some Fridays it just doesn't get done) I deep clean the counters, showers, toilets, floors, dust, etc.. all that good stuff. While I have enjoyed having my Fridays off to clean, I am to the point where I don't want to spend my whole day off cleaning. So, with the help of Flylady, I have taken my house into zones and then listed out a detailed cleaning list for each room. I then chose which day of the week I would complete each thing. Now, I work 10 hour days, so when I come home the last thing I want to do is scrub my kitchen floor. On the other hand, I figure once I get into a routine, doing a few things right when I get home each week, I won't have to spend forever doing them because I will just be merely spot cleaning it. For example, if every Monday I take the time to clean out the fridge, it won't be as time consuming because it really won't be that dirty because it will be merely maintaining its cleanliness. So, I have my list and it's color coded and we'll see. The site also recognizes hot spots, or spots where clutter seems to gather. We definitely have a few of those areas around the house, so weekly, if I just spend 5-10 minutes decluttering, VOILA! :)

Like, I said, we'll see!

Sophia is doing super well! She is moving right along and is quite the little ham. She has started to walk using her little walker- she only does a few steps here and there, and she did it for the first time this weekend while I was in class- go figure! :) She also has started saying OOOH and so everytime she drops something or something happens, I'll say UH OH, OOOH.. and she'll look at me and sometimes repeat it.

Not sure if it's her teeth or what but lately feeding her has become quite a chore, she'll get really mad and then won't want to have anything to do with her food. It also is usually at night when we get home and she is probably tired and just done with the day in general. We upped her to the 3rd foods, with more chunks so she can get accustomed to the textures and chunks- the first night was not so good- she just kept spitting the food out. Night 3 she was chewing and swallowing, so that's progress! She likes anything crunchy or bready, so things like bread, muffins, crackers etc.. she'll even take some bites of yogurt or cottage cheese but that's it! So we're trying to really get her trying other foods! Another one of those.. WE'LL SEE!