Friday, June 10, 2011

Teeth, Swimming, and Sleepovers

What a busy few weeks it has been! Will finished up with classes and I am on the downhill slide for my summer classes as well- WHEW! I survived another weekend in Council Bluffs- and I didn't float away, however we'll see what the prognosis is for the weekend of the 24th. We may or may not have to hold class on a boat!

Let's see- what has happened since the last time I posted? Sophia had her first swim day at daycare and apparently she absolutely loved it and had a blast! I was a little surprised to hear this because the water that comes out of the water feature is anything but warm and in personal experience water play is not as fun for the infants- trust me, 8 screaming infants in swimsuits and 90 degree weather is no fun! But I guess she was a little hesitant at first, but didn't cry and then was soon exploring the water fountains! What a little "swimmer" we have!

Sophia's two top teeth have officially cut through and I must say she looks pretty darn cute with four little teeth in front! She is quite the silly girl and is still doing her Popeye look, although not quite as frequently. She also has found a new favorite toy- she loves her stacking cups and can even stack one cup within another cup- a genius, I say! ;) She is eating solids a lot better and eats a few bites of everything that we eat, she still isn't eating big quantities and so she still needs her baby food to supplement but we got her eating bananas, pears, peas, noodles, bread, and rice recently. She also loves to feed herself and uses the spoon and fork quite well all by herself. She does need help scooping the food onto the spoon but can get it in her mouth with minimal spilling. She actually gets mad if I try to feed her myself. She also is continuing to drink formula out of her sippy cup quite well and so I think at 11 months, we'll cut out another bottle, so she'll only be doing one bottle in the AM and one in the PM.

This weekend, I had class tonight and then tomorrow from 8-2. Sophia goes to Marshalltown with my mom, think they're headed to the pool if weather permits, and then is going to spend the night until Sunday afternoon. Will and I are going to run errands after class and then we have a nice date night planned, which we're pretty excited for. Sunday we have Will's company party at Adventureland which we're especially excited for since last summer I was pregnant and couldn't go on any rides barely. Dragon and Sidewinder, here I come!! :)