Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend in Lansing

Hello all! We've had a great weekend away from home, in Lansing, visiting Grandma and Grandpa Scholtes! We left around 9 am on Friday and Sophia was a great traveler as usual. She slept until about 11 and then ate and played with her carseat toys until about 12:30 and fell back asleep until we were almost there! We played for a little bit and took another nap and then headed to Rocky's to eat some fish- YUM! Saturday we relaxed and William helped his dad with some things around the house and then we drove downtown and took a walk along the river and then downtown. We grabbed a quick lunch and some ice cream and then went home for a little while before church. After church we had a yummy dinner and relaxed some more. We left today around 1 and got home around 5:30. Sophia traveled again very well, sleeping most of the way, only to wake up for a bottle.

We bought Will's mom a stepping stone where you create your own design and then get to paint it. We let Sophia put her handprints on it and then we painted it today so they could put it outside. We all had fun helping! :)

Sophia did well sleeping in a different place, she has been eating so much this weekend, eating 8 ounce bottles- WOW! Think she is making up for last week when she would only eat a few ounces here and there at daycare. She has had an off night as she is still crying in her crib :( She usually is sleeping by 7:30-8ish and was asleep for a little bit but then awoke. We have been in there a few times to see what was going on and it didn't appear she was in need of anything so we are just letting her cry it out. :( Hate hearing her cry but at the same time know that she is not in pain or needing anything, just needs sleep. Poor girl will be very tired and 5:30 am will come soon. Think she could just be trying to get back in the swing of things and being back at home. We had a great weekend with Gma and Gpa Scholtes! We will be seeing them again soon on the 18th when they come to play with Sophia while Will and I go to class.