Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Fun

What a great weekend in the Scholtes household! We've enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather and hope it is here to stay! On Friday, Sophia and I relaxed all day, venturing out once to go to Michael's to get some scrapbooking stuff- my plans of keeping up with Sophia's birth-1 year scrapbook is failing miserably- I have yet to begin. My goal is to have it all up to date by her birthday! We'll see! :) On Saturday we relaxed a little and went on a walk and went shopping and just walked around the mall. Today, Will and I went to Cirque Du Soleil while my mom and sister watched Sophia. We enjoyed the show but felt it wasn't as good as the last one we went to. It still amazes us what the people in the show can do and what great talent they all have. We also took Sophia to the Dr. again this morning because she has been tugging at her ears and has not been eating. Sure enough she has an ear infection so she is now on Amoxicillan and continuing to do her nebulizer- big UGH. That darn thing has become quite a big pain in the rear for all of us, especially Sophia!

Later today, we went to the park that's right down the street from our house- we had a blast! Sophia loved swinging on the swing and going down the slide. We had to leave though because it was getting pretty windy. We are pretty sure we will be venturing down to the park a lot this summer!

Sophia is still busy learning to crawl but still doesn't crawl everywhere, all the time. She is crawling more than earlier in the week but she has to be pretty motivated to do it. She has been pulling herself up to her knees and then eventually to a standing position using me or Will. She hasn't tried this on furniture yet. We also decided to see if we can start getting her out of sleeping with her sleep sack, last night went well, it took her a few more minutes to fall asleep but overall she did pretty well without it! We'll see how the week goes with that! Sophia also has become quite the dancing fool- anytime she hears music, she'll start bouncing, very cute!

And for some reason my video of Sophia is not uploading so we'll have to try again some other time! :)