Friday, April 1, 2011

On the Move!

We have an official crawler! That's right, our baby girl, started crawling, tummy off the floor, this week! We are so excited for her because she has been working on it for so long and she has finally gotten everything put together and can move around! She won't crawl for just anything or anybody, though- she still needs a little motivation- she'll definitely crawl for her paci! :) We'll try to get it on video to post!

We've had a relaxing Friday so far, Sophia is napping and I worked out and started laundry. We are going to go for a walk this afternoon before it gets too windy and then the rest of the weekend we are just going to hang out. Will got us tickets to Cirque De Soleil for Sunday, so my mom and sister are going to come and play with Sophia.

Other than that, we're just gonna be enjoying the nice weather this weekend!