Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poor Baby

Well, just when we thought all was well and everyone was healthy, Sophia developed quite a barking cough throughout the weekend. By Sunday am, after throwing up her whole bottle, we decided to take her to the Dr. We met my Grandma Claudia for breakfast and Sophia was her happy go lucky self the whole time, only coughing here and there. By the time we got to the Dr she was back to coughing and they said she has bronchiolitis and they put her on a nebulizer. We thought it would be all great because she wasn't showing any other signs besides the cough, and was her usual self. As the day went on however, she got progressively worse, coughing much more and developed a fever by 6:30. Her cough just sounds terrible and breaks your heart when you hear it. I decided to stay home from work tomorrow to give her an extra day of being at home. She barely sleeps at daycare and so I think a day of good sleep ( or as good of sleep as she can get from coughing) will do some good.

With all that, Will starts class this week too. He has class Mon, Wed, and Thurs and I have class Mon and Wed. Needless to say we aren't looking forward to our hectic schedule but are grateful for Tiff, who will watch Sophia Mon and Wed nights, along with Will's parents coming a few Mondays to help out. We are so thankful for our helpers! :) The month of April will be pretty busy with both of us in class but hopefully when my spring classes end we'll be a bit less busy. I have 2 summer classes and so for a few weekends in June I'll be tied up in class but that'll be it and then it's internship for me in the fall! I am so excited and think I have found a few potential internship sites so that's exciting! I am looking forward to being able to just have to manage my internship without working and going to class- what a nice break that will be!

We don't have much else to report just taking care of a sick little girl who really isn't all that sick compared to some! Just giving lots of cuddles which is just fine with me! :)