Sunday, March 13, 2011

Botanical Center Fun

This weekend was a nice, low key one. We relaxed and enjoyed the sunny weather. On Saturday we decided to do something different and explore the Botanical Center in DSM- we had a blast! Sophia absolutely loved looking around! It will definitely be a spot where we'll visit again! Saturday night Sophia and Will got to spend some time together as my best friend from college came to town and we went out for some drinks with other friends- we went to a piano bar- it was a lot of fun! Today, we ran our usual errands- we rearranged the basement so it will be better for Sophia once she starts moving- easier for us to keep an eye on her in her space. We put our computer and desk on the opposite side of the room- hoping that once she moves we can keep her away from things we don't want her to get into. Overall, it's been a great, relaxing weekend! This week is Spring Break from classes so it will be a pretty low key week as well! WHEW!

Sophia has been working really hard on crawling- or scooting to be exact! She can get up on all fours and sort of jump forward- like she's doing the worm almost! She also gets up on her very tippy toes- so she is doing a bear-like crawl. We're thinking it won't be too much longer and we will have a crawler on our hands. She also has begun to wave and it may be just our imaginations, but whenever she waves, we swear she is saying "HI" too! :)