Wednesday, March 23, 2011

8 Months

We can't believe it but Sophia is 8 months today! We've had quite the eventful week too! Sophia has been home all week with Gma and Gpa Scholtes with a yucky cold, runny nose, drippy eyes, and a low grade fever. Poor girl. She is on the mend though and we think she is ready to return to school. She is in great spirits and has been pretty much all week except for a few fussy moments which is more than understandable. She hasn't been eating jar food as well and hasn't been napping as well either but she doesn't nap at daycare either so we figure it won't make much of a difference either way! We are so very thankful Dan and Mary were able to make the drive and stay with our baby girl. She had a lot of fun with Gma and Gpa!

I am looking forward to the weekend and am thankful it's already almost Thursday- we're glad Sophia is on the mend too and we can maybe enjoy a nice weekend! We have dinner plans on Saturday and so Sophia will get to play with Tiff and then we may venture to Williamsburg on Sunday. We are going to start looking into Water Babies and are excited about that- Sophia has her first swimsuit so she is set! Other than that, we are just hoping Sophia is on the uphill climb to feeling herself again and we look forward to another great weekend!

Things Sophia is doing at 8 months:

Eating 6 oz. every 4 hours
Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Drinking water out of a sippy (we're not sure how much water she actually gets but, hey, it's practice! :) )
Eating cheerios (loves them now!) and still gobbling up her crunchies and puffs
Eating real bananas pretty well, trying other soft foods at daycare and home (isn't so sure yet)
ALMOST crawling- she can definitely scoot around but it takes her awhile
Getting all the way up on her tippy toes (think bear crawl)
Pulling herself up to her knees using Dad and Mom
Bouncing when you say jump, jump and when music turns on or you start to sing
Working on signing (more and all done, please)
Clapping and waving hi and byebye (we think she says hi too ) :)
Smiling when you say CHEESE and have the camera out