Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning

What a productive Sunday we've had! We woke up early and headed to church, which Sophia really loves since she can smile at all sorts of people! :) After church we headed to Mimi's for breakfast and then we decided to go to CostCo and get a membership. We shopped for a little while and explored and then headed home. We cleaned out and re-organized the pantry, fridge, and freezer! Wow it's amazing what a difference that made! We started some laundry, Sophia took a nap and Will and I worked on cleaning out both cars and Shop-Vac'ed them out. Felt great to get a head start on some much needed cleaning! We plan to wipe the insides next weekend. We also are going to start organizing our garage- hang up bikes, hang up shelves, that sort of thing next weekend. The rest of the day is going to spent on homework and laundry!

Sophia is pretty much back to full health- she still has a little bit of an icky nose and a few coughs here and there but is eating and sleeping well again. A few things I forgot that she has been doing are playing peek-a-boo, she loves to play that game! She'll even put the blanket or whatever we're playing with over her face and then put it down and smile. She also has been cheesing it up for the camera- when I get out the camera and say, "Sophia, cheese!" She'll give a big old smile! Her little personality is really starting to shine through.

We look forward to a day off tomorrow and are planning on taking a trip to Mtown- going to see Gma Lee before her foot surgery on Tuesday and going to see Steph and Jaxson. Poor little Jaxson has been in the hospital for a few days with a little complication but is home now so we're going to go visit him too. Other than that, another week of work and class and then looking forward to another weekend! :)