Monday, August 16, 2010

What A Weekend!!!

WOW! What a weekend Ms. Sophia had! We were very busy and on the go it seemed like! We had a wedding on Saturday and so we all got dressed up and had fun celebrating for Julie and Darius! It was a pretty wedding and we had a lot of fun! On Sunday we took our first official road trip to Kansas City to help celebrate big cousin Skyla's first birthday! It sure is different traveling with a little one but we all survived! We had to stop once to feed her but then we were on our way again! Sophia even got to wear a special shirt just for Skyla! We had a lot of fun helping Skyla celebrate even if we slept through much of the party! :)

We also turned 3 weeks on Friday which is hard to believe. She has already changed so much and it's hard to believe she'll be one month old soon!