Friday, August 20, 2010

4 Weeks Old!

Miss Sophia is 4 weeks old today- can you believe that?! Yesterday was my birthday so Sophia helped me celebrate by coming with Gma Lee to get pedicures and lunch. It was a fun day and Daddy surprised us with having Gma Lee stay and babysit while Will and I got to go out for the night. We decided to go to the fair and have supper and walk around. It was nice to get out by ourselves but it seemed like I was missing something or that I was forgetting something, I've gotten so used to hauling so much that it was weird not to have anything in my hands! This weekend should be busy but fun as Sophia and I are going to Ames to meet some friends that haven't seen her yet and then Sunday will be a lazy day with Daddy!

Things Sophia is doing at 4 weeks old:

Grabbing her hair and then crying
Lots of cooing- AHH's
Rolling to her side
Lots of "fake" smiles
Tummy time
Tracking objects
Lying on her back and kicking her legs