Friday, August 6, 2010

2 Weeks

Our little Sophia is 2 weeks today. The first two weeks have gone by really fast and she is already growing. She had her two appt. today and it went very well- she is now 20.5 in. long and weighs 7 lbs. and 9.5 oz. She is definitely eating a lot more lately and is wanting to eat every 2 hours on the dot during the day. She still sleeps very well during the night and goes between 4-5 hours. She has started to wake up a little more frequently at night wanting to eat but then goes right back to sleep so it hasn't been too bad.

We have found that she loves her swing and doesn't really like the bouncy seat. That's ok though, working at the center, we don't use any swings or bouncy seats so it's been a little odd for me to use them at home. She really likes her boppy pillow and her activity mat. We haven't tried tummy time yet but that's soon to come! Her neck muscles are actually really strong and she can lift her head off my shoulder pretty well. She also gives us a lot of "fake" smiles, they're so cute and I can't wait for the real ones!