Friday, May 28, 2010


AHH! It sure has been one CRAZY week! My summer classes seem to be taking over and my nights consist of class and homework and my days consist of work. I even missed the season premier of the Bachellorete! (sp?) :(

Last weekend I had class both Saturday and Sunday, the nice thing was we got out early both days so that was a welcome surprise. We then had our second prenatal class, learning about the stages of labor and when to know you're in actual labor vs. braxton hicks. I am a little nervous about knowing when I am in labor or not, I feel like I won't think I am and then all of a sudden it will be UH OH we gotta go NOW! But I have a feeling I'll know. Hopefully. :) We have a break from it this weekend then it's three more Sundays.

We also had my 32 week appointment. It was another pretty fast and easy one. We couldn't meet with our Dr. he was sick, so we just met with a nurse prac. She measured me and did the hearbeat (140 bpm). I am measuring at exactly 32 weeks so that is good. One thing that I did not know was that when they measure you, they are checking to make sure the number corresponds with how many weeks you are. That was pretty interesting I thought! Our next appointment is June 8.

I've had some work changes as well this past week! After some serious thinking I have decided to switch rooms when I return from maternity leave. I applied for the toddler position and got it! It is very exciting, I will be working with 1-2 year olds and I am so ready for the change! I am excited to be able to do lesson plans and get more in depth with them. I will miss my babies and it will seem pretty weird to not go back to that room, especially since the center opened that was "our" room. I am ready for the change though, and with Baby S coming, I think it will be best both mentally and emotionally.

Will post a 33 week pic later this weekend! :)