Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1st Prenatal Class and 31 Weeks

What a busy weekend! We had a pretty low key Saturday, traveling to Marshalltown to get our wedding pictures (FINALLY, but that's a whole other post!) and to grill out with family. It was nice to eat and hang out in the beautiful weather with family. On Sunday we caught up with cleaning and then went to our first prenatal class. We both were a little nervous, not knowing what to expect but we both found ourselves enjoying it and learning new things about our upcoming adventure! It was also fun to meet other couples who are in the same boat as us. An interesting thing that I learned was that only 5% of women actually have their baby on their due date, most first time moms go until 41 weeks. I know my due date is just an estimate and that it probably won't happen on that exact day, but I do admit that I have been keeping that date in my mind. I'm sure if the time comes that I do not go into labor I will be disappointed. It's good to know that most first time moms go further along and that will be something I will have to keep in mind.

We also started getting Baby S' room cleared out, we got the bed out and just need to get the rest of the odds and ends of the old guest room down in the basement. Saturday Will is going to get her furniture so that's exciting! We plan to paint the first of June, we FINALLY decided on colors so that is a good feeling to have decided on that part. Nothing too much else, tiredness has come back though and I find myself fighting the urge to fall asleep at 7 each night. Other than that, I'm feeling great, not too uncomfortable.. YET! :)