Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Excuse my haggard look in the above picture. We had a busy Monday! This weekend was a mixture of relaxation, work, and homework. We slept in and just hung out and shopped for most of it, we got Baby S some things at good deals, good deals on wipes, lotion, and some clothes. We also cleaned out the guest room, soon to be Baby S' new room! We moved everything to the basement storage area, cleaned and organized that too. I worked on a 10 page paper- ICK- and a take home exam- DOUBLE ICK. After all that we decided to take some sandwiches to Gray's Lake and just hang out. What a beautiful day to do that! So many people were out and about and it felt great sitting in the shade eating and watching all the kids and families hang out. We took a walk around the lake, by the end though I found myself slowing down. :) On Saturday night we went to Aunt Teri and Uncle Dave's for burgers on the grill and we also brought Baby S' bedding so that Aunt Teri could draw a pattern for her wall that is going above the closet doors. Aunt Teri loves to do those kinds of things, which is good because I do not have a creative side! We are also going to paint wooden letters that spell out her name for above her crib that Aunt Teri is going to use the patterns in her bedding to paint on the letters. Next weekend we are painting Baby S' room and one wall in our basement. Will spackled holes and worked on putting the basement door back on so we can lock Bo, our cat downstairs when at night when Baby S gets here at first. So, it was a pretty productive weekend!

I can't believe I am already at 33 weeks, with only 7 weeks and so many days left. 50 to be exact until my due date, not that I'm counting or anything. :) Baby S has been as active as ever and recently when I have been sitting down, my ribs start to ache very badly and it becomes quite uncomfortable. She also has been sticking various body parts out and when I touch them she moves right away. It's a little weird feeling that, I have to admit. She also has given me quite a few hard jabs here and there and they actually hurt and take my breath away. Getting into our car has become a little difficult as well as sliding into a booth. She also seems to enjoy my left side, when many times my left side will be strangely contorted. Usually all I have to do is push a little and she'll give me a kick in response or move completely. I still enjoy feeling her move though and it amazes me of what is going on inside there!