Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 22 and Shopping for Baby S!

The bedding we like, still undecided though!
The dresser/changing table we got for Baby S, it turns over and can be just a dresser or used as a changing table on top too. It will be in espresso.

Baby S' new crib in espresso!

Me and Baby S at almost 22 weeks!

Can't believe we are into our 22nd week already! Time has flown! It's gotten even more real starting to shop for Baby S and this weekend we decided to purchase some furniture. We were a little unsure of when we should do this but after doing a little research we found that most resources were telling us to start shopping for furniture by the end of this month, so we're right on track! The furniture we ordered may take between 4-12 weeks, so if it does take that long, it brings us right into June! The snow has melted and it's been beautiful out! Something we haven't seen in quite some time! For baby bedding we're still undecided, we found the above pattern at Suite Dreams, a baby boutique for furniture and bedding, we found the furniture there, but in terms of bedding it's a little pricey, so we aren't sure if we should go somewhere like BabiesRUs and save a few bucks or get the one we really like. I'd like to go with colors other than pink and purple for her room, so I really liked the idea of browns, yellows, and reds like the above bedding. We have time for all that but it's been fun looking and thinking about paint colors too. Grandma Lee has already agreed to help Daddy paint so that will be a big help! :) The only pieces of furniture we have left to purchase is a glider/rocker, bookshelf, and another small dresser.