Saturday, March 6, 2010


Much to my utter shock and amazement we're having a baby GIRL!! I was so sure we were having a boy, that lately when browsing online for baby stuff, I've only been looking at boy things. We also only had two boy names picked out and no girl names! Ooops! Guess my instinct was way off base! HAHA! We're excited to report though, that SHE is measuring at exactly 20 weeks and her heart looks good, everything looks great! I am so happy that she's developing according to our due date and that she is one healthy babe so far! :) Her heartbeat was 136 bpm and my next appointment is scheduled for April 2, I have to do the glucose screening so hopefully that comes out alright!

Now the difficult part is to change my mind set to girl things, ribbons and bows, here we come! :) Last night we just had to venture out to BabyGap and I have to say I am pretty excited for the arrival of this little girl! :) There is just way too many cute outfits out there for girls! I think our little girl will be the best dressed baby at day care! :) My friend Stephanie and her little girl are coming today for the afternoon and we're going to go to BabiesRUs and Suite Dreams just to browse, so that will be a lot of fun!

Super excited right now! :)