Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Baby S!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful day! :) We had a good day, spending the day together, we went to the movie Valentine's Day- which was pretty cute! Then we went to HuHot's to eat and then ran some errands and now we are having a quiet night in working on homework! Something we both realized while we were eating was that this is the last Valentine's Day that it will be our little family of 2, at this time next year, we'll have a family of three. WOW! We really realized how we want to spend these last 5 months really savoring our time together. We would really like to take a little road trip before Baby S comes because who knows when that time will come again! If anyone has some fun ideas, let us know! :)

We're entering into the 18th week- can't believe that! I am feeling great and like I tell people, if I wasn't starting to show I wouldn't even know there was a baby in there! I've been pretty darn lucky and I am really enjoying it! My appetite has picked up and I am able to eat anything without feeling nauseous. I still can't eat a whole bunch at one time as I get so full and bloated and I am sure that is just going to get worse as I grow. We can't believe it will be only about 2 more weeks until we find out the sex. I am getting anxious to start thinking about furniture and paint and all that fun stuff! It's still pretty early though so we have plenty of time for all that! :)